BOOKSTORE TOUR! Time to Catch up on Your Reading

Vector illustration of european book shop
New worlds await at your local Long Island bookstore.
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Summer is here and exploring Long Island’s treasures has an added attraction, the opening of new Indy bookstores to add to the list of those we already know and love.

My sister author, JoAnn, and I have been visiting these emporia, each with their unique character. As authors, we care about how they present books and other literature-related materials to their patrons.

Besides the cozy atmosphere reflective of the communities where we found them, what else do the bookstores we visited have to offer?

Theodore’s Books, located at 17 Audrey Ave. in Oyster Bay, invites prestigious, best-selling authors, much like the author events of the old Book Revue in Huntington. These events are attended by reservation only. Founded by former Congressman, Steve Israel, Theodore’s Books has much to offer. Historic Oyster Bay invites you to visit the many sites associated with President Theodore Roosevelt. In addition, the town has several good restaurants and a waterside park. Local authors, like us, can have our books featured at the store. There is Theodore’s Story Time on Thursdays and Teddy’s Rough Readers book club. The store also accepts volunteers. Visit their website,, and sign up for the newsletter.

Tiny Raccoons Books is located near the railroad station in Sayville, a wonderfully easy location for those folks using the LIRR to get to the Fire Island ferries. Daniel McGowan is especially friendly to local authors, scheduling numerous author events and occasional music nights. Daniel also supports local community groups that wish to give talks about issues important to residents. You can donate your gently used books, and Daniel will do his best to find a book you’re interested in, and sales are a major come-on. The store is reminiscent of Sayville as it once was, with a bit of nostalgia. Check out their Facebook page.

The Neverending Story Bookstore at 9 West Main St. in Babylon Village is a lovely store to visit. Colleen Kinneary makes an effort to reach out to the readership of the area. She claims that bookstores need to offer more than books. She offers works of local artists, live music programs, and a children’s corner. She will carry books by local authors on consignment. What may turn out to be her most important feature is that she works with patrons to identify their reading profiles, and obtain book titles for them.

As authors, we love to sell our books as much as the bookstores. Readership and patronage respectively require outreach to the community of Long Island readers. Reaching out to those readers will make a difference. Local Indy authors should relish the opportunity to work with the store owners to reach out to a wider audience and a deeper group of readers. We hope you will investigate these featured bookstores by adding a visit to your summer-time to-do list.

These stores have great locations and easy parking. Visit their website or Facebook pages for more information.