Mother Nature Visits the Mall at Islip Arts Council Gallery

In recognition of Women’s History Month Islip Arts Council is hosting the art exhibition “Mother Nature,” within their gallery at the Westfield South Shore mall, which is open for viewing from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday from March 1- April 27.

This is a juried exhibit in which community artists submitted their work to the council for selection in the show. All are available for sale, and some have already been purchased.

Each piece of art in the encompasses a warm and sultry feeling throughout, in accordance with the exhibition theme, interpreted through an array of different art styles and range of colors which surrounds the gallery walls. Each artist also has their own interpretation of the theme, “Mother Nature.” Some decided to take the route of creating pieces dedicated to actual landscapes of nature, whereas others took more abstract routes with their designs.

“Savannah Twilight,” an oil painting by Nancy Wernersbach, is one such example of the works on display. The artist described how the piece was inspired from photographs taken at her cousin’s property in Savannah, Georgia, and how she was enchanted by the beauty of the golden sun shining through the trees, in an almost spiritual sense.

While taking a gander at the gallery, there’s also plenty of unique souvenirs available for purchase. Copies of local artists’ work are printed and sold on postcards, in frames and in printouts. There are also many different types of decorated mugs, wooden signs, handmade pieces of jewelry, and other knick-knacks for sale. 

In the further end of the gallery, there’s various large bookshelves from local authors, mostly specific to the Long Island Authors Group (LIAG). The president of LIAG, Dr. John H. Krahn was at the gallery and was available to answer questions that patrons may have, as well as showcase the book selection available. More information regarding LIAG can be found at

The gallery is truly a sight to see, and these talented artists have put in so much time and effort to produce their stunning pieces. It’s also crucial for women to have time to showcase their unique talents in honor of femininity and dedicated to Women’s History Month. The pieces in this show, created by women, can empower other members in the community to be true to themselves and feel appreciated every month, not just during March. 

The overwhelming feeling of support and unity from the women in the community to create this showcase was a main factor in the success of the gallery. “Mother Nature” is available for viewing until April 27 at the Westfield South Shore Mall next to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Our community worked together to create this lovely event; and you don’t want to miss it.