A New Wave for Ocean Beach Trading

Ocean Beach Trading headquarters at Bay Walk and Bayberry Walks in Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY.
Ocean Beach Trading headquarters at Bay Walk and Bayberry Walks in Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY.

Perhaps the most exiting change taking place in downtown Ocean Beach this season is the rebranding of Ocean Beach Trading. The grocery store, conveniently located across the street from Police Headquarters in the Cleggs Hotel, floundered these last few years with sparsely stocked shelves and little in the way of variety. That is all about to change, according to some well-established local entrepreneurs who have assumed control of the operation.


The brainchild of restaurateur Jon Randazzo and his partner, Evan Brett a former marketing executive, the “new” Ocean Beach Trading will feature both perishable and non-perishable food items as well as useful household goods. From delicacies to diapers and with a clean and modern appearance, the proprietors promise to offer selection and quality that far surpass that of their predecessors.


“We have a vision for the future”, said Brett. “We expect Ocean Beach Trading to be the crown jewel of the Village.”


Far beyond a simple local market however, the store will also offer a wide variety of bespoke treats and light foods for off premises consumption. With the familiar grocery items, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables occupying the center of the shop, the perimeter will host a number of specialty “bars” offering custom made salads, smoothies, Acai bowls, premium coffee, sandwiches and fresh baked goods.


When asked about the coffee bar, Evan’s excitement was evident. “We are extremely proud to offer barista served fresh coffee from the Kismet Coffee Company.”


Founded by Kismet local Jackson Davis in 2022, Kismet Coffee Company is a Fire Island success story. As purveyors of single-origin coffee, cold brew and hot and iced espresso

drinks, their bayside café has been very well received at Fire Island’s westernmost community, then expanded to the mainland opening a location in downtown Bay Shore last year.


Ocean Beach Trading also plans to offer a salad bar featuring a vast array of fresh veggies and dressings. Preparation will be done by a counter attendant but the choices will be up to the customer. An Acai bowl bar is planned as well, serving all of the same popular offerings previously available at the Baywalk Café with a couple of new health-centric bases and a few surprises.


“Watch out for the new Blue Magic bowl,” Randazzo said.


Boar’s Head provisions will be served at the deli with a vast selection of breads and condiments. Breakfast sandwiches will also be available as well as fresh meats for the home barbecue. Quite a bit of renovation remains before opening day, but Randazzo’s description of the place conjures images of Manhattan’s Chelsea Market on a small-town scale.


Mr. Randazzo will also be shuffling a few of his eateries in town. The Landing will move to the Baywalk Café corner under the name Landing Bistro with a new motif that remains confidential pending Planning Board review.  Baywalk Café will spread its menu at Ocean Beach Trading.


“We also intend to improve our catering services through cross-utilization between market and restaurants”, Randazzo added.


This is an ambitious undertaking even for the entrepreneurial Jon Randazzo. Until now, his primary focus has been on growing his bar and restaurant conglomerate.

“In the end, it’s all about the food,” he responded.


The Ocean Beach Trading is planning to open its doors by early May. Hours of operation will be Sunday through Thursday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday