By Ellen AbramowitzThe Outsiders – Dunewood’s Softball TeamIn 2007, the Dunewood Outsiders softball team was formed. However, in order for the Outsiders to become the eighth team to join the Saltaire Softball League (SSL), they were required to play against each team in the league once. It was no surprise that the Outsiders, with their talented roster, were easily granted entry into the league. Furthermore, the Outsiders are the only team within the league’s history that does not reside in Saltaire. Hence, their team name.Saturday’s game: Outsiders vs. Excitables took place at 10:30 a.m., at the new softball field in Saltaire. Friends, family and neighbors of both teams were cheering on their teams from the bleachers. Several of the Outsiders were off island and substitutes were chosen to fill their spots on the roster.Even with Coach Eric Katz’s guidance from the sidelines, who shared some of the team strategies with their talented substitutes, it was clear that the Outsiders regular roster was light. Nothing could make up for Katz’s spring training camp. The Excitables are a solid team that played a strong game. The final score: Excitables 8-Outsiders 3.Please be sure to cheer on the Outsiders at their next game against Dogfish, the 2014 Champions, on Friday, July 3, at 4:p.m., at Saltaire softball field.2015 Outsider Roster:Rich Perna – co/CaptainLynn Berman – co/CaptainEric Katz – CoachSean BoyleSandro BolognaClaire Rogers*Ben BermanJoey AbramsT.J. DemattiaDonnie DiabolaJason PernaJohn SalzingerJonah KatzPeter TaubMike PernaAt least one woman is required to be a member on each team.A Fire Islander since 1987, Ellen Abramowitz and family now resides in Dunewood where she is a member of the board of trustees. Email your Dunewood tips and events to Ellen at [email protected].