Rose’s View – Cherry Grove

Rose’s View – Cherry GroveBy Bob LevineWelcome back to Cherry Grove 2016! We were very fortunate this year to have had such a mild winter, allowing more people to arrive early in the season. We welcome the new homeowners; Joe Hickey and Robby Stein, Chris Murhpy, Feit and Farron, Dominic Giordano and Michael, Peter Christenson, Cindy Mace and Jozi D’andrea, Frank Falcone, Charles Catanese, Andrew Jarecki, and Parker Sargent.Photo 3All of the snowbirds are back in the Grove after spending their winter in Ft. Lauderdale, South Beach, Miami, Del Ray, Palm Beach, Key West, San Juan, Palm Springs, Mexico, Santa Fe, and the Bronx. Some I saw include Bobby and Doreen, CeeJay and Peg, Joan and Lorraine, Jan and Edrie, Lynn Tunderman, Bella, Alexander Gertzman, Susan Thornton and Nancy Adams, Mel and Don (Happy Birthday!). Carl Luss is back in the Grove after a serious health scare. Glad to see him looking fine. Brian Loya and Medel are back too after returning from their vacation in South America and South East Asia. Will Lopez is back from his two-week vacation in Barbados, where he caught a 50-pound fish. Philip Schuster returned from a splendid trip too, to Indonesia and Singapore.Michael and I were on Fire Island during Thanksgiving weekend. Don and Judy Hester had their annual Thanksgiving open house. It was our first time being on Fire Island that time of year. Their son Joe is with the U.S. Marine Corps. He grew up in Cherry Grove. Other Grove guests were: Warren Boyd Wexler, Dick Webster, Bobby Lerch, Nicole Brems, Mary DeFede, Suzanne Rayon, Troy, Brian and Mike Merino.Photo 2New Years Eve in New York was beautiful at the penthouse terrace of Sam Green and Chris Lacovara. At least 125 people were in attendance. Sam’s mother arrived from Texas with seven of her girlfriends from the Women’s Club of Texas. Sam completed his 2nd semester at Columbia receiving his DNP (Doctorate in Nursing Practice).Mary Ann Pervelis and her wife Pamela Johnston hosted a fantastic Greek Easter. Their daughter Ann Johnston was among their 100 guests. Ann was an infant when she arrived in Cherry Grove 28 years ago. Other guests included Evelyn Danko and Valerie Perez, Sofina Terzo, Dominic and Michael, Arthur Cohen and Michael Romanelli, Jill Novara and Elizabeth Bryon, Craig and Julian, Sue Kravitz and Sue Rubinstein, Diane and Lucy, Brett Roppa and Stas of Floyds, and Paul. Mainland guests included Patti Murphy, Mary Ellen La Salle and Mona Gallina, who are nursing teachers along with Mary Ann at Nassau Community College. Curly Faber and Scherrie Sears arrived from Northport. Lorraine Chammah came from Austin, Texas along with her son Maurice and his wife Emily, who now live in Brooklyn. The food and desserts were awesome. Beautiful birds graced their garden.We attended the party of the year in South Beach, FL in February. Hosted by Diane Romano in honor of her wife Patricia Goeff’s 75th birthday, the weekend of parties included cocktails on Friday, Saturday brunch, a fantastic cruise along the Biscayne Bay on Saturday night, and dinner on Sunday evening. The weekend was thought out and choreographed by Diane and her able assistant, Gina.Michael and I were invited to Roland Michely and Joe Anania’s in-town party. Among their CG guests were Jack Roulo, Richard Cooley, Bud Henriksen, Louis Valentine and Jay Robinson, Troy Files and Brian Clark. Troy and Brian would later have an early season Deck Sale, donating $485.00 to The Arts Project from the proceeds.Bob Dixon had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day celebration luncheon. At least 40 people arrived in Cherry Grove for the day. Some of the guests were Evelyn and Valerie, Ted Youngman, Doug Green, Russ and Anita, Anni and Ally, Steve and Dale, Jack Quinn and Curits Strohl, and of course Michael and myself.Memorial Day Service will be held at the Community House at noon on Monday, May 30 to pay tribute to those whom we lost during this past year. Ralph Fingerle lived in CG for many years. He retired from his job in NY and moved to Palm Springs, where I would occasionally visit him. James O’Keefe, also known as Aurora Stone, had won the Miss Cherry’s title in 2006. Alan White was a long time renter. Michael Chambers and Patrick Dougherty were partners for many years. They owned a their “Queens Chambers” house in the Grove before moving to Del Ray Beach, FL. Patrick was known as Patti Ann. Sherwood Dewey, at 98 years old, was a Cherry Grove resident and a legendary bartender for many years. Bobby & Doreen lost their two beloved dogs, Chief and Sarge, also known as “the boys.”EVENTS:

  • Cherry Grove Community House Grand Opening Party, Saturday May 28, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.: The Community House went through a renovation during the winter. Thanks to our President Diane Romano and the Board of Directors, especially Toni Sesta, we are in excellent shape and the grand new theatre will open as scheduled.
  • Homecoming Queen Contest, Sunday May 29, 8 p.m. At the Community House, also brought to you by the Arts Project.
  • The Annual PAWS Benefit at the Ice Palace, Saturday, June 4: Organized by Cherry Grove representative Valerie Perez. Sal Piro will be back to host the show with an all star Cherry Grove cast.
  • Third Annual Artist Tour of Cherry Grove, weekend of June 11 & 12: To learn more about this self-guided walking tour of artists at their CG studios, visit their Facebook page as well as the calendar of events in on page ___ of this issue.
  • “An Evening of Celebration and Song” Saturday, June 1 @ 7 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.: George McGarvey and The Arts Project will once again produce, starring Broadway stars Faith Prince and Karen Mason. Show times. Tickets available at

SAVE THE DATE: Photographer Warren Boyd Wexler spent his 27th consecutive winter in CG during which he was invited to display his work at the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park in Manhattan. Warren will also be having a one-man show Ocean Beach Historical Society on July 15 – July 31.