Rose’s View, CHERRY GROVE: Drag Tag, Cabaret Nights, and The Imperial Court

Emperors and Empresses of the Imperial Court
Past & Present Emperors and Empresses of the Imperial Court: Madeleine Keith, Sugar B.Real, Wendy Lewis, Demi Tasse, and Graham De Cracker.
Photo by Robert Levine.

The Arts Project of Cherry Grove (APCG) continues to enrich our community with various cultural events. We are grateful for the past week, where we were treated to performances by Edmund Bagnell on Thursday and Megan Gillespie on Sunday at the APCG Cabaret nights.


Regards from David Sabella, aka, Amanda Reckonwith, who’s in Puerto Vallarta working and having fun.


The Imperial Court of New York had its annual Drag Tag Sale. Lots of treasures were available. Sky Ocassio, Ben Houghton, Eddie Noel Rodriquez, and Linedy Genao, who performed “Barn on Fire” in Whyte Hall at

Fire Island Pines, were in the Grove and visited us at Roseland.


Step back in time and explore Cherry Grove’s rich history with the walking tour of the acclaimed exhibition “Safe Haven: Gay Life in 1950s Cherry Grove.” This unique experience, previously at the New York Historical Society in NYC and Stonewall Gallery in Florida, is now available in Cherry Grove. The tour opened on June 28 and will be available until July 21.


On July 13, Davida Jones performs in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at the Cherry Grove Community House Theatre. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Cabaret Night at Community House: Me with Mark Hartman, Edmond Bagnell, and Megan Gillispie.Photo by Robert Levine.