DAVIS PARK: East Enders

PHOTO: Paige and Alyssa – Lovely Moms to Be.

It’s hard to believe Memorial Day has already passed. Hope yours was as memorable as ours, as we took a moment to thank those who served. We also thanked our volunteer firefighters, who are there to keep us safe at all times. The DPFD held an open house to demonstrate how to put out fires and proudly showed off their equipment. Don’t forget to support them (Maybe become a member? Pick up a raffle ticket or two?). Also don’t forget the DPA spring meeting this weekend at the church, lots to cover, and a free raffle there for pie and other nifty prizes.

We had many other moments to commemorate as well. A lovely celebration of life was held for Bob White at the Church and firehouse – even the chilly rain couldn’t dampen the warmth family and friends brought to the day as we were regaled with tales of Bob’s life (and a Jets reference or two). 

We’ve spent our time celebrating several of our neighbors lately. Congratulations on their nuptials to Jim Behrendt and Ceal Salvante, and to Liz Underwood and Dan Percival. Mazel tov! We didn’t get any of their wedding cake, yet, but did have two pieces of ice cream cake at Joseph Pino’s 17th birthday bash, surrounded by his amazing family and growing crew of friends. We also got to toast Jan Mauck at Turtle Cove on her big day, with Bill, Kathie Howe, Nancy, Paula and Heather in attendance. Cheers!

We were hoping for a fish fry for Angelina Dixon’s 9th birthday, as we heard she was learning to fish in the bay to mark the day, but we’ll settle for fish tales. We’ll also wait for a recap of the brunch that Anne and Joel threw for Justin Irvine to mark his special day. A different special day was Gladis Granados’ graduation from Suffolk’s Honors Program, with Distinction. Awesome! Some days we don’t want to miss are coming up soon for proud parents to be. It was great to see Lauren and Thomas “Smitty” Smith out and about (and glowing) in advance of their big day, and Paige Popdan and Alyssa Suhr showing off their future next gen DPer.

Some days you just feel like celebrating being at the beach, and we saw a lot of that in our quest for news. It was great to welcome Jay Zahn home from Ireland for the summer and to see niece Katie Daglian out for her first weekend of the season. Serena, Crista, Charlie, Kim, Paul, Paul and Brian were the welcoming committee for Deb Pyle, while Betty and Lynn and Maura and Mark entertained each other at dinner. The Barts were in bloom after picking up plants to brighten their deck and benefit the community at the C.R.A.B. sale, tended to by Marlene, Lorraine and Brian. 

There is so much going on and we can use your help…please send your tips, tidbits and tattles to DPRidgeFI@gmail.com. See you around the walks!