Kismet Kapers

By Bradlee WhiteSaturday, August 11, brought 3 a.m. thunder and lightning, and at 9 a.m. a deluge that let up just after the freight ferry was unloaded. I swear I saw an Islip crew dredging the drain by the market weeks ago. Nevertheless, the big puddle there was back as well as bigger ones on Burma and East Lighthouse. The rain stopped but never stopped threatening. The air was chilly. So what do you do? Go back to sleep? Go to the beach anyway? Stir up some mimosas? Or, like my renter neighbors, round up the little kids, don costumy hats and head out for a walk?The last few weeks have been pretty unexciting. Relentless heat drove hoards to the beach where a good breeze and gentle water provided welcome relief or drove them deep into air conditioning wherever it could be found. The streets were virtually empty between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., but then evening brought nature’s own cooling system, making Happy Hour and outdoor dining everywhere a pleasure.While the children were mainly off their scooters, a number of them ended up taking part in an alfresco art studio outside the gate of “Eyegasm.” Caroline hung their creations on a makeshift clothesline as part of an ongoing contest that will end in a big prize for some budding artist on Aug. 18. Brooke’s mother, Candi, was delighted that her daughter was still deeply involved later in the morning. During the height of creation, the children even convinced Ashley to stop and take part. The pictures were later laminated to protect them from the rain. Several of the girls also got a lesson in birds, whelks and sea creatures.Congratulations to the Pine Walk residents who pulled off another great block party (their fourth) on July 28. I noticed John A. in deep discussion with Jeff early in the afternoon. Soon the tents were going up and a booming sound (Gene McGovern’s miniature cannon) signaled the start of the festivities. The JHaus band began to play, drawing a growing crowd. There was lots of delicious food, and happy people: The Mooneys – Jane, Morgan and Brittany; “Cartoon Alley’s” Myrna and Joe; the Licaris; the Chiros; the Marina’s Mike and Dusty; Dana, Midgie, Caryn Burke and Karen Spollen; and even Caroline in Home Depot coveralls with matching chain saw. Dancing, eating, schmoozing … these people really know to have fun.Jake of Beach and Vine held one of his private wine tasting parties last Wednesday night. Arlene and Sue from “Cartoon Alley” attended and loved it so much they actually ended up buying a case of wine each.Referring to former Kismetians, as we say, “They always come back.” Two blasts from the past tapped on my door Thursday. Sheila Davis spent a lot of time here, including two winters, but left 20 years ago. She has kept in touch with friends and was staying with Jerry and Linda Schneidman. Few people knew Karen Riley, but few did not know her brother, Rick Citrola. In addition, we enjoyed seeing annual visitors Steva Rachel Kail and Joann Pepe.