Kismet Kapers

By Bradlee White ~ Kismet is returning to summer “normalcy.” Business is picking up as freight ferries deliver daily stacks of supplies for homes and businesses, options for drinking and dining expand on land and sea, and the beach beckons. Memorial Day was certainly memorable with gray skies appropriate for solemn ceremonies, though a three-day rain was somewhat excessive. In addition to military losses, Kismet remembered its recent own – Ken Zaback and Carl Dahl.The Kismet Community Association meeting was held June 6. Although zoomed, so many homeowners preferred KFD’s open-airequipment bay that the socially distanced chairs weren’t enough. Guest Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter, KFD Vice President Tom Licari and Sam Wood spoke on the ongoing, overwhelming problem of visitor garbage. While alternatives continue to be investigated, Kismet will implement a “carry-in, carry-out” strategy that has been successful elsewhere. Volunteers are needed to help Sam in building new dunes on Saturday, June 19. The medical agreement with Solitaire continues with the addition of new Kismet EMTs, Karen Spollen and Grady O’Halleran. Sunday movies are back as are Pedi Cabs and electric bikes. Police and rangers have little time or authority to deal with them: Jay Lippert suggests calling 911 for dangerous offenses to establish a public record. Suffolk County Water Authority sends a large bill in January, small use bills in July and August: The KCA board has explored winter access to part-year homeowners. The next step is with the Seashore: Nominations are now being accepted by email for Assistant Vice President and Secretary. Dwayne Diesu spoke about additions and upgrades to the Boatel. (A preview Open House was held in May.) Units will be limited to 11 with a second story to each. There will be no pool, no bar, quiet hours and two employees in residence.Kismet’s children are/have grown up with new babies soon to make their debut. I need help identifying children in my photos of the Arthur Lem Fishing Tournament (circa 1998) to give to their families. Riley Cole celebrated her fifth birthday with an at-home lunch attended by her brother, Leydon; cousin, Lexi Powers; Kai Sitone; and five other children and mothers. There was a huge blow up pool and bouncy house. Joining Natalie Padovano and Julian Mandel in the cohort of 2020 babies is Tanner Butler, grandson of Ginny and Kevin, born to Cody and Sasha Butler on Feb. 25.Community events and fundraising are underway. KFDA (Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary) and KLAW (Kismet League for Animal Welfare) have and will continue selling raffle tickets (a huge weekly Kismet Basket of Goodies and a new beach cruiser bicycle respectively). KLAW has planned a series of Mini Marts, in lieu of the traditional large Flea Market: The rained out Memorial weekend event will be rescheduled, perhaps around July 4.Upcoming events: Community Tag/Flea Sale at houses around town June 19; July 4 Parade; June 27, no KFD BBQ; Sandcastle Contest July 3; Deck Art Sale/Crawl July 10.