Kismet Kapers

By Bradlee White ~ Reminiscent of the community spirit and cohesion depicted in faded home movies of 1950’s-1960’s Kismet homeowners building early “sidewalks,” dozens of community members devoted three Saturday mornings to the community project that erected 1,500 feet of dune fencing across the Kismet beach. In both cases, more was built than mere physical structures – a Kismet community spirit.Back to the future – another Kismet tradition resurrected and given a 2021 upgrade. I don’t know if early Kismet residents had block parties but they probably gathered outdoors for cocktails and potlucks when their groups grew too large for the era’s cottages. The group house renters of the 1970s and beyond must have built upon a tradition of community parties, adding live music and food. The third and best so far, Pine Walk Block Party, was held last Saturday. A number of houses on the block contributed to making this a great success. A really good live band, The Decoys, played almost without break. Residents brought tray after tray of food to an innovative table, created from a long tablecloth-covered board laid over a garbage corral. Ken, of “Cozy A” gave out Mardi Gras beads to everyone. BYO beverages were soon augmented by trays of shared jello shots, and, much later, a flashing light electric luge. (1990s Kismet party goers may remember when this drink dispenser was carved out of a block of ice, hence the name). Earlier parties were limited to adults – with teenagers at the fringes – but this 2021 event included many young children. There were 4-, 6- and 7-year-olds darting in and around groups of parents and neighbors. Erin Powers was led by her daughter, Lexi, and her niece, Riley, to the party’s center so they could dance.In other Kismet news, another grandchild is noted: The Romanzi’s granddaughter Juliana, daughter of Bryana and Ronald Navaro, was born this past April and will soon be joining her brother, Enzo, in Kismet adventures.This summer’s mostly idyllic weather is attracting large numbers of visitors to all Fire Island beaches. We are happy (mostly) to share our summer paradise with the daily influx of sun-hungry visitors but there are a few downside annoyances for them as well. The mid-morning traffic/parking tie-ups on Bay Shore’s Maple Avenue are, well, epic. Visitors must be frazzled before they even step on a ferry. A lot of happy people create a lot of garbage. Sam Wood and Andy Whitney were emptying huge barrels full at 8 a.m. on Sunday.At this point in the summer, the list of upcoming events is growing. Both bar/restaurants are offering bands and even a weekly Trivia contest. In a blast from the past, encore events include the infamous Drag Queen event scheduled for Aug. 9 at the Dive Courtyard. Adult Tennis Clinics are being held on Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Camelot Courts. Admission is $40 and an intermediate level of play. Call Jonas at 917-714-2776.