Photo 4DAVIS PARKBy Cathy ShislerNo flowers to plant,No garden to tend,As summertime lazilyComes to an end.It’s time to sit backand deliciously savorThe beauty of the seasonand the fruits of our labor.Farewell to summer;for autumn make way,With this last celebrationWe call Labor Day.Summer’s EndNancy Hughes When summer comes to the end, you might find yourself experiencing a bit of end of summer blues, but there’s no need to feel down in the dumps. The best way to beat those summertime blues is to recall our best memories of Davis Park Summer 2016, then throw a Summer’s End party!Throw a party that your neighbors and other guests will talk about all winter! How about a potluck dinner? To host a memorable potluck community gathering, themes help. How about a pizza potluck. You provide the crust and a signature drink to go with the theme, such as a Sicilian Kiss, Southern Comfort and Amaretto over ice. Have your guests provide the toppings. Other good themes include Mexican, Chinese or breakfast for dinner. (Don’t forget the mimosas if choosing the last one.)Make sure you have enough food; you don’t want anyone leaving your party hungry! Have each guest bring the recipe of the dish they brought so everyone can take home a copy. The bar is important. This is no time to skimp on the booze. Offer a signature cocktail to go with your theme, but provide wine and beer too.My favorite part of a theme party is the ambiance. Stick to the theme and use lots of candles to set the mood. Set the food table accordingly and curate a music playlist to fit the theme – that’s always fun. Then take lots of photos to remember the end of summer bash.When the summer wraps up and fall is coming we reflect on summer things we never got around to. Make a bucket list of what still is possible before summer is over. What would you add to your list? Try paddle boarding, drinking a beer on the beach or skydiving, enjoy the last of the outdoor concerts, take a day-trip to Cherry Grove or even just a nice long walk on the beach.We still have nice weather in September to make summer memorable.Photo 1Don’t miss the end of summer Davis Park events including our Labor Day Craft Fair at the church, on Sept. 4, from noon to 4 p.m. Let’s not forget the Casino’s potluck dinner the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 8 this year, with time and details to be announced), followed by “drink the bar dry” discounts during the weekend. Don’t miss it!Thanks to all who participated in my articles, and a special thanks to the Grubers for being my biggest fans. See you next year!