Rose’s View – Fire Island Pines

Rose’s View – Fire Island PinesWelcome back to The Pines for another busy season of meetings, parties, luncheons, dinners, shows, fundraising events, and welcome to those who just want to relax, too. The 8th Annual Fire Island Pines Literary and Theatre Weekend was held at the Madison on October 9. Ben Hodges, long-time resident of the Pines, is responsible for this special event that we look forward to each year. Although it is held late in the season it draws a big enthusiastic Broadway/Pines crowd. Broadway stars Andrea Martin and Seth Rudetsky came to entertain. Andrea signed and promoted her autobiography “Lady Parts.” Christine Pedi was the M.C. Ben is also the Editor-in-Chief of Theatre World. A book signing and talk was held at the Drama Book Store in NYC to launch “Theatre World Volume 69:2012-2013.” The panel included: Adam Feldman, Linda Buchwald, Shay Gines and Diep Tran.Lila Swell and Sandy Stevenson had a dinner party at their New York apartment in December. Michael Fitzgerald and I were among the guests that included Barbara Sahlman, Jim Vandernoth and other New York friends. Unfortunately, Sandy died later in March, and Lila had a beautiful tribute to her late partner of 45 years. After the funeral service, at least 100 people attended a luncheon on their fantastic penthouse deck.Photo 1The parties begin in the Pines: Gil Neary and Scott Riedel once again opened the season with a BIG Party celebrating Gil’s birthday at their bay-front home. At least 150 people attended. Michael De Falco and Bill Matthews had a dinner party with Sumner and Roy, Andy Baker and Ward Auerbach, and David Hagerman and Ken Farley, their house guests from Princeton. Michael and Bill held their annual Christmas Party at their wonderful home in New Jersey. In addition to family and neighbors, many Pines friends were in attendance including Mark Ricigliano, Sumner Freeman and Roy Yaeger. Michael and I were also happy to be there.Photo 3On the Saturday following Thanksgiving, Michael and I went to a traditional holiday dinner in the Pines at Ken Ruzicka and Bridgette Bour’s house on Bay Walk. Their neighbors Scott and Jim were present along with George, Pat and Ken’s daughter Jennifer, and her boyfriend Mike.Joe Barros, a favorite of many Pines residents, has been out here for the past few seasons. FIPAP recognized his talents early on in his career. As a result he was the Choreographer for “Guys and Dolls” and “Hello Dolly” and the Director of “Falsettos.” He was the Associate Choreographer with the Broadway production of “Gigi” and now is the Associate Choreographer with “Cagney” which opened recently at the Westside Theatre on West 43rd Street in NYC. His upcoming play, “Shoes & Baggage” opens at the Cell Theatre on June 3. Soon he will also be directing the forthcoming production of “Once On This Island” which FIPAP will produce for the Labor Day Weekend show. His career is just beginning and I know he’ll be a major player on Broadway.Welcome back to the Pines Albert Lepage, Ariadne and Peter Villarreal, Ron Martin, Barbara Sahlman, Tom Pelosi and husband Henry Jiang. Tim Osgood, Bobby Mistretto, Mark Berman, Tony LaRocco and Bill Moore, Mark Ricigliano, Michael Patten, Gary Groff, Rick Sadowsky and Jeremy, Jim Vandernoth, Steven Alan Black and Morgan.Jack Aaronson will be the Musical Director for “Once On This Island” and has started playing piano for the open “Mike” at The Blue Whale on Friday and Saturday nights. Michael Nardi and Eugene Lefkowitz had a very busy winter spending ten weeks in South Africa on three safaris, then on to Italy for four weeks in Ferrara and Sienna. Now they are back in the Pines.A Sad Farewell: Joyce Reich, a founding member of the Pines and active fire department member; She and her husband Walter opened our local first hardware store. John Mueller lived in Cherry Grove in the 1950s, and became a Pines homeowner in the mid 1960s. He was very much a part of the social scene. Ann Gentile, Professor at Columbia University: She was a homeowner in the Pines for many years, and also lived in Cherry Grove for the past three years, a lovely woman. Michael Candreva, the son of Annie and Eddie Candreva, has passed away too soon. Sandy Stevenson was a former child movie star of the 40’s who arrived in the Pines in 1968. The Rand Corp. recognized her talent, and she worked in their Think Tank Division. She and her partner Lila Swell shared wonderful pleasures of life traveling the world, socializing and living in the Pines and New York City. Sandy will be missed by her many friends in the Pines and the Grove.SAGE: The 24th Annual SAGE event, Co-Chaired by Doug Harris, Andy Baker and Doreen Katen will be held at Dr. Ed Schulhafer’s home at 225 Bay Walk on Saturday June 4, from 4 to 6 p.m. This year’s honorees will be Marc Cote and Jay Henry, Linda Gottlieb and Eric Sawyer. Tickets are $100 for general admission. Additional donations graciously accepted.EVENTS AT WHYTE HALL:

  • Dina Martina, Saturday, May 28 @ 7:30 p.m.: After her sold out dynamic performance last season Daniel Nardicio brought her back to us once again. Tickets available at or at door.
  • Annual Care Center’s opening season party, Sunday, May 29 @ 5 -7 p.m. and everyone is invited.
  • “Broadway Bears” 5th Production, Saturday, June 4 @ 7 & 9 p.m. Presented by FIPAP: It’s always a fun show. Tickets are available at
  • Annual Women’s Pride in the Pines 2016, June 11: Chaired by Linda Gottlieb. Dance from 2:30 – 6 p.m. @ Whyte Hall, VIP Cocktail Party @ Pines Club on the Great South Bay 6 – 8 p.m., Performance by France Joli @ Whyte Hall 8 to 9:30 p.m. Tickets available at
  • Marilyn Maye, June 18 @ 7:30pm: Tickets available at Harbor or