Surf’s Out…Come on In

by Carrie Ann Salvi

BAKED, BROILED, SAUTEED, rolled up or on the half shell, Surf’s Out “has the most delicious and upscale food on the island” proclaimed Matthew ?Barbara, one of its owners, on one of the first weekends their doors opened to stunning views of the bay and the ?Kismet ferry dock this season.It’s not ?just the owner who thinks so. A couple at the bar beside him that sunny spring Saturday took the ferry ride and few steps inside with their hearts and palates set on the “Out” calamari with cherry red peppers, asiago cheese, and broccoli rabe. ?This is the best calamari around,? said ?Jack Russo confidently. Pre-gaming pre-season, he and his significant other shared the delicious dish and a couple of cocktails before heading back to the south shore for their evening plans.The sleek, modern bar sparkled with an etched glass waterfall between various shelves of liquor, as the smiling staff prepared for the evening’s private party, to which the public was invited. After all, there was a buffet and a dee?ay, why not invite all to partake in the food and fun? More was merrier on Memorial Day weekend, too. There wasn’t an indoor or outdoor table open, but mouths were, for cocktails, lunch, dinner and singing along with the nine- piece band playing in the fenced-in outdoor ?Surf Club.?Despite the high-end real estate, decor, food, and liquor, the relax?ed vibe stays true to ?Kismet. No heels or collars are required. Guests can come salty from the beach and order a Red or Pink ?Bikini sushi roll, go Topless ?Baked Clams, or choose a Green Apple Tuna appetizer?er, wrapped only in avocado.Fresh off the boat, the thirsty arrive to tasty beverages and maybe a Smoked ?Bacon and Arugula ?BLT or Lindenhurst Baked Clams, which they can consume at the bar, a table, or in an Adirondack chair.If not by sea, families, singles, couples and groups of friends arrive by flip-flopped foot via Robert Moses field five with a stop at the Fire Island Lighthouse, The mileish walk can lead to a bacon cheese burger, too, and kids can choose familiar favorites from the ?L’il surfers? menu and go home with a free Frisbee.
Daily dining themes include “May I” Mondays, where guests are encouraged to politely ask ?May I have another bowl of pasta?? Those who like to indulge can also en?joy margaritas and an unlimited buffet on Taco Tuesdays. Like it raw? Wednesday is your night, with a half-priced raw bar and beer specials to wash it down.?Bibs and crackers are on hand for the Thursday Lobster ?ash, and hungry K?ismetites are, too. ?n Fridays, Lounge Night begins at happy hour with half-priced drinks and ??appetizer?s at the bar, and live music is played every Saturday. ?(Check out the events page on their website to find out who’s playing.)  O?n Shipwrecked Sundays, the fun starts at 11 a.m. on ?June 26, with brunch and bottomless mimosas.

Surf’s ?Out is open Friday through Sunday until the official start of summer on ?June 21, when the bar and kitchen will serve seven days a week. B?ites like ?Yummy ?alls ?the spicy crunchy tuna type? can be ordered until 10 p.m. weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. If you wish to make an online reservation, O?pen Table is waiting.

SURF’S OUT • 1 Bay Walk, Kismet • 631-583-7400 • www.surfsout.comSurf's Out Green Apple Tuna appetizer