THIS WEEK IN ATLANTIQUEBy Kirsten CorssenThe Atlantique HolidayIt’s the holiday of the summer here at Atlantique, the Rich Mahogany concert of course. This annual event has been going on for seven years now, and has really racked up attention all over Fire Island. But before you all hopped on the ferry and grabbed your summer brew, did you think about all the hard work that went into preparing for this wonderful event? Don’t be hard on yourself, because I wasn’t sure who made it happen until I did a little digging and found the faces behind the concert.Let’s rewind about nine years ago to January of 2006, when the Rich Mahogany band first originated. This six-piece band has been friends since high school, but they did not combine their music talents until later in life. Now they are considered a classic rock band that love to “mohaganize” music to make it their own.They have been performing around the Fire Island and Long Island music scene for over nine seasons now. I got the pleasure of meeting and speaking to all six of the men in the band, and got a little insight on how the band works.First, we have Greg Rabin who is the lead singer. He keeps the crowd engaged and singing along to the music. On stage we also have Tim O’Connell and Bryce Larson who both play the guitar, and of course chime in some vocals to enhance the songs. George McKedmond is setting the tone on the bass as well as adding in some killer dance moves. Behind them on the drums is Michael Dickson who keeps the beat with a big smile. Making it six is Rich Karbak, the very talented piano player. We cannot forget about Steve Quirino, who is behind the scenes making it all run smoothly. All these guys together, plus their supportive family and friends, truly make every event they have a special one for all to remember.Rich Mahogany is known for performing on Fire Island and they are also known for bringing in the crowds. This is why the big stage venue is set up in the handball courts, making room for all six men’s instruments along with a great area for the fans to hang out.While you were singing along in the crowd did you ever think of who sets up and makes the Atlantique concert happen? It’s more than just the music, and the fans. The face that really puts it together is the Shack owner Gavin Melton! Months in advance Gavin has to obtain all the permits from the town, order all the porta potties, set up the venue, take out the trash, and most importantly not run out of ice for all the rocket fuels. He does it all with a smile on his face.Another big help in making the holiday happen is Gavin’s family, friends and Shack employees who all help keep the show running every year.But what really makes this holiday is the supporters — all those who attend the event. The band, Gavin and myself would like to truly thank you for singing along, dancing, donating, coming back every year to the concert and making it a really special event. So cheers to you! Make sure to come back next summer and bring a crowd to share the amazing day and make this concert even better next summer.Atlantique news you want to tell Kirsten? Write her at [email protected].