A Summer Night at the Moonlight Market

I’m someone who needs to experience every season. While I love them all, fall is my favorite! During a recent weekend I had the chance to attend an event reminiscent of the Halloween in July events of my childhood camping trips. On Saturday, June 11, Great South Bay Brewery and Ghost Brewing Company in Bay Shore hosted a Moonlight Market.

You can spot the Authentic Greek Food Truck behind us, where we got spinach pie and gyros!

My group (comprised of my boyfriend, older siblings, and cousins) and I were excited for some witchy vibes in the summer. I wore what I’ve jokingly named my Disney Channel Witch dress and my boyfriend sported his E.T. tee shirt.

The event was advertised to have “crafts, curiosities and oddities” with “food, drinks and live performances.”

When we pulled into the lot, I was already surprised by the number of cars there. How are all these people fitting in these warehouse breweries? Well, I was happily surprised when the small alleyway alongside the building opened to a back lot and field filled with nearly 80 vendors.

Sunset over the Moonlight Market

While my group members purchased their beer (nitro beers from Ghost seemed to excite my brothers) I was happy to find some fresh squeezed lemonade from the Greek food truck. We wandered through the area many times, making some fun purchases: funky pants, a skull crown, ‘90’s TV-themed cups, cookies, and psychic readings to name a few.

We also took a reprieve from the hours of standing by grabbing a table inside Great South Bay Brewery where there were more beers and pretzels purchased.

After nightfall we made our way out back to the lawn stage and rows of Adirondack chairs. We watched some belly dancing, paired with a soundtrack of Nightmare Before Christmas, Haunted Mansion, and Stranger Things favorites. Very on theme. Later, we caught glimpses of spoken word and singing performances.

It was a great night. The best part is that that there was truly something there for everyone!

The Great South Bay Brewery and Ghost Brewing Company will team up again the in fall for another Moonlight Market. And keep an eye out for other events they host. There is a Randy Jackson concert in July and I’m sure there will be more as summer goes on. Visit their website periodically for updates on coming events…I know I will!