A Vintage Movie Experience

“Shankweiler’s Drive-In Movie Theatre” by Discover Lehigh Valley, PA is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

By Colleen Vann

The good ol’ days. We all long for them in some way or another. There is just something so charming about vintage things and the nostalgia they bring. And while it probably isn’t completely true, things just seemed so simple in the past.

Well, I’m happy to share that there are local events that allow you to take a trip back to those good ol’ days via drive-in movies!

For the past two summers, these drive-in movies have been a must on my list of activities to enjoy before the leaves start to change in the fall. And what I love about them is that they are perfect for everyone!

Two summers ago, I took my three younger cousins to a local drive-in movie showing “The Greatest Showman.” I picked us up a pizza pie for dinner and loaded my trunk with blankets and pillows. Last summer I attended another drive-in sponsored by the Town of Islip and Catholic Health Good Samaritan Hospital. I went with my boyfriend that time and we saw “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Once again, I picked up pizza (that’s my pro tip for anyone who goes to these events this summer!) We parked the car just as the sun was starting to set and the movie started at twilight. And let me tell you, on both occasions, fun was had by all.

Great company, the comfort of your own car (or lawn chairs), yummy food, the warm summer night air and a film on the big screen under the stars. Talk about a full cinematic experience!

I’m looking forward to the summer 2022 outdoor movie experiences to come and hope to see some of you there!

Here are some of the South Shore drive-in events coming this summer!

  • Monday, July 11 @ Casamento Park, West Islip

    • Abominable (PG)

  • Monday, July 25 @ Byron Lake Park, Oakdale

    • Cool Running (PG)

  • Monday, August 8 @ Casamento Park, West Islip

    • Sing 2 (PG)

  • Monday, August 22 @ Byron Lake Park, Oakdale

    • Encanto (PG)

As always, stay tuned! I will have more information soon about the Suffolk County drive-in movies and tips from an insider who works with putting the series together.