Shoreline Stopovers: Ocean Beach




Island Mermaid.jpeg

Ocean Beach, the unofficial capital of Fire Island, offers much more than its picturesque beaches. This laid-back town exudes good vibes that can be felt all the way from the beach to the bustling town. If you find yourself with a few hours to spare before saying goodbye to this island haven, make sure to explore these hidden gems that will allow you to experience Ocean Beach in a whole new light. 

Begin your journey by visiting the Ocean Beach Historical Society, a treasure trove of the town’s rich past. Delve into their archives, Sea Scrolls, and monthly-changing exhibits. This month’s highlight offers a fascinating glimpse into the historical ferries that once traversed the Great South Bay, presented through captivating photographs and intricate drawings. 

To further immerse yourself in the essence of Ocean Beach, embark on a culinary adventure at one of the town’s esteemed restaurants. Head on over to The Island Mermaid for an enchanting bay-front dining experience. As you watch the sun set, sip on quintessential Fire Island cocktails like the Rocket Fuel or Zippy Cooler and indulge in fresh seafood. If you are looking for more of a quick bite, Beacheria is a great place to be for savory bites like pizza and mozzarella donuts and sweet treats like zeppoles and handmade gelato. And for those on the go, Matty’s Market has you covered with a wide selection of fresh local fish and shellfish perfect for a taste of Fire Island that can be prepared at home. 

Before heading home or to your next destination, there’s one last stop that will ensure your trip ends on a warm and cozy note. Visit Kline’s for a Fire Island sweatshirt in your choice of color and style that will be sure to become a cherished keepsake that evokes memories of your time spent in this chill coastal town. 

For additional information on your visit to Ocean Beach, check out the Chamber of Commerce’s website: