Rose’s View

Happy Pride Month. Albert Lepage and Durrell hosted their Memorial Day cocktail party at their beautiful beach front home after a two-year hiatus. It was a perfect Pines reunion.

Saki Tome; Errik T., Mr. Fire Island Leather 2022; and Queen Jizzabella.

2021 Homecoming Queen Davida Jones crowned JizzaBella the APCG Homecoming Queen of 2022. She is the 46th member of this regal lineage. Runner ups included Hope Springs, Saki Tome and Champagne Bubbles. Panzi, first of the royal line circa 1976, introduced other “Old Queens” who were in attendance. Michael Moran organized an array of raffle prizes, donated by our Cherry Grove businesses. With the last two seasons held virtually, attendance was robust as everyone was pleased to see it live again. 

Joe Anania performed his interesting one-man show, “Happy Gay Birthday Big Boy,” last April in New York City. Legendary Pines couple Chris and Teresa Lovito visited “Roseland” in the Grove.

When in Cherry Grove, do see “The Doll House” on Lewis Walk.  John Massiello has assembled an unbelievable collection of Barbies dressed in his hand made cherry pattern clothes.

The SAGE 30th Anniversary party in the Pines was a huge success. President Michael Smith introduced Doug Harris, Gary Clinton, Guy Smith and Robert Montenegro who were honored.

Religious leaders Marc Berman of Congregation B’Nai Olam and Randy Wilson of Catholic Mass and FIPPOA President Henry Robin organized the Pines Tag Sale on June 4. It was as exciting as any Martha Stewart sale. Proceeds benefited all three organizations.

Michael Becker and Tee Scatuorchio hosted an elegant cocktail/dance benefit for the Martha Graham Dance Company. Five members of the company performed.

Roland Michely, Thom Hanson, Amy Schreiber and Richard Schack all spoke at our annual Cherry Grove Memorial Day service at the Community House. Photos were shown of the departed, while Dan Daly sang an original song that he composed. We are sad to lose the following members of our communities: Anthony Ardillo (aka Tony Bondi), Leonard Braverman, Ed Burnham, Rolande Cicurel, Jan Felshin, Sam McAllister, Otto Kost, Chris Lennon, Kenneth L. Macwhinnie, Edward Moran, Robert Paracca, David Reeves, Robert Scherffius (aka Cobra), Peter Stephens, Judge William Lawrence Underwood Jr., Jan Yarish, Anthony Varvara and Charles Young.

Women’s Pride in The Pines will be held June 11 at Whyte Hall. This benefit for Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, helmed by Linda Gottlieb, is always a winner – remember to wear white.

Also, in Cherry Grove that weekend is the Artist Tour of Cherry Grove. Great to see it return as well after a two-year hiatus. And the Annual House Blessing in Cherry Grove takes place on Sunday, June 12.