Kismet Kapers

Selling smoothes Eloise, Jack, Charlotte, Zoie, Sandar, James. 

Happy Labor Day to everyone! For some this date marks the end of summer as schools start up and employment expectations get real again. The traditional cooling as the sun heads ever southward can leave the mainland steamy when the temps do not match new fashionable fall clothes, but here on the beach September days are golden and nights are almost chilly. There is much to look forward to as year-round residents bring their rides back and numerous celebratory events are scheduled up and down the beach. The JAM Olympics in Ocean Bay Park will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Posters abound so check it out if you are interested in competing or just enjoying the festivities that will, in the memory of Jillian Metcalf, raise funds for nursing scholarships. 

The East Lighthouse block party on Aug. 19, was surely one of the best of the season. Scheduled to be a beach event as it had been in the last few years, a west wind moved organizers Ginny Butler and Debbie Epstein to relocate it to the sidewalk. The luau theme was carried out with colorful muʻumuʻus, Hawaiian shirts and even grass skirt/coconut shell bra costumes sported by the women of 10 E. Lighthouse (Cohen and Fey families). Lauren Fey said she found the skirts stored in their house. You never know what you’ll find in a Kismet house. Ginny’s grandchildren also wore island-themed clothes as they ran back and forth with platters of food. Bob and Brian of “Brown Sugar” set up a powerful speaker to spread some great sounds. 

Linda Barkan Rosenblatt has invited Kismetians to join her in a Celebration of Life honoring her late son Bradd Barkan at the Firehouse on Sept. 9. Lunch will be provided though potluck additions are welcome.  Later, people are invited to walk to the water’s edge, to share music – bring instruments if you play – and flowers. RSVP by Aug. 25. 

The fall Kismet Homeowner’s Community Association will be held at 10 a.m. on Sept. 10. Three of our Kismet lifeguards – Luke, Noah and Peter – were honored by Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter and members of the Town Board on July 29 for their efforts in the rescue of three swimmers caught in a strong rip tide. Kismet ocean lifeguards have performed heroically in a summer that has seen our beach population swell with visitors. 

As you read this on Labor Day weekend, you may be lucky and be able to snatch up the last of the red T-shirts and hoodies the Kismet Fire Department first offered in July. On the other hand, they may be gone by then since they’ll be selling the week before. They are good looking and fit well. Look for them downtown. Typically, this holiday weekend trends cool, especially at night, so those hoodies should be welcome.