Kismet Kapers

By Bradlee WhiteThe fundraiser for Michael “Mugsy” Cole was amazingly wonderful. Food Distributor Clare Rose organized the event, and some 50 sponsors donated a cornucopia of prizes for drawing as well as volunteers to sell tickets. Cathy, Pam, Gail and Taylor greeted everyone with welcome mugs and T-shirts at the door. Tim Mooney and Ed played guitars. The Inn was jammed with the large happy crowd and the deck was overflowing. People came from Kismet and the mainland but also from communities down the beach. The crowd grew as workers from all over came before or after their shifts. The community of service and hospitality providers to the Island is naturally close, but it was obvious that Mugsy is as special to them as he is to us.The Kismet Community Association (KCA) for homeowners met Sunday, June 3. Chief Bertucci explained the large breathing pack machine set up, a major donation from the federal government after Sandy. Able to fill two bottles at the same time, it is shared by Saltaire and Fair Harbor. He reminded us that 10-year smoke detectors don’t stand up well in the winter climate here; the older ones, requiring semi-annual battery change, are safer. The KCA board implemented a new, smoother method for allowing members to voice their concerns under New Business. Widely shared was the fact that, with the rain, our sidewalks look like the old days, with deep puddles and sand in all the wrong places. Apparently Islip has not been cleaning the gutters as promised but that is being addressed. Peter Schlecter, president of Camelot, raised the perennial concern about dues/ representation for multi-dwelling units. Eventually metal railings will be added to the beach crossovers. Announcements were made of Community Day, July 21. Each block in Kismet is collecting money for super raffle drawings. There will be a Sand Castle/ Sculpture Contest on July 7 (Linda Knoth and Jacquie Jones), free Community tips and a new Kismet Directory for sale at the Market for $10. Garbage is always a concern, especially early in the season. Keep depositing (water) Bottles for the Brave in barrels behind the Firehouse (Karen Stollen).With many Kismet residents in attendance, Sam Wood was honored in May at the Maritime Museum’s 13th Annual Trustees Dinner, for his long-standing commitment to excellence and support of the maritime economy.Saturday, June 9, was a day we all have been waiting for – a perfectly lovely spring day, warm even at the beach. Although hearty young men and women, bikinied and barefooted, were seen early in the season, the saner/older folks waited for a day like this. I headed toward a Sue Dunn look-alike and instead found a group of seven young women (Shauna, Laura, Danielle, Amy, Katey, Paige and Jen) on their fourth annual girls weekend at a house across the street from me. Beach perennial Jay Smith was staying with the Leone’s. He and Linda won’t get into their rental until the end of June, missing the Flea Market, Kismet Auction and Comedy night. Gregg Weiser was out on the beach with Roger, one of their latest Bernese Mountain dogs.While I was beach walking, a lovely ceremony was being held for Paigey Bean, a young Kismet child who passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage five months ago. Organized by Karen Burke and Denise Kelly, large pink ribbons lined West Lighthouse from the beach to Maple, then down to the playground to her bench, which was donated by Sam Wood. Caroline Stern brought a wagonload of shells for decoration by the many children there. The shells and bows were left on the bench. Paige’s parents, Gina and Tom, released ladybugs and bio-degradable balloons.Cathy Henry hosted her sixth Seaford High reunion, this year at the Fishizzle house. Eighteen women were expected by Saturday, from places as far flung as Idaho, Arizona, Florida and Brooklyn.We will miss “Aunt Dotty” Beardslee who recently passed away. After a career as a designer in Manhattan, she had a West Islip-Fire Island business making slipcovers and cushions and even bridal dresses for her nieces. She was active in the church in Saltaire and a staple in the Lambe family July 4th float.Upcoming Events: June 22: Comedy Night. Tickets: $40, may still be available; check with Patty Lyons.June 30: Annual Burger Cook-off at Seabay Beach, at 5:30 p.m. RSVP with entry jrberinzoni@ Everyone invited, everyone tastes; BYOB.July 1: Annual Fourth of July Parade kicks off at 11 a.m. Fire Department BBQ and raffles, and KLAW Bike Raffle.