Kismet Kapers

By Bradlee WhiteIt was Friday afternoon, July 19, and Dana’s living room was chock full of more than 50 colorful plastic buckets filled with prizes wrapped in cellophane and topped with huge burlap bows, with more donations expected for the Chinese Auction. There was a big red Bud Light bicycle, a Craftsman tool set, and more for the Silent Auction. There was a huge basket of toys for the children’s section, and a large board of Lotto scratch-off tickets to be auctioned. There was hardly room for Dana, Wendy and Rocky – Dana’s dog. Hidden away were the grand prizes donated by the five blocks of Kismet and The Bulkhead. More than 50 volunteers, many who started working the day before, were getting ready to man/woman their stations along the bay. The dunk tank would soon be set up and prove quite popular, providing some cooling to dunkees. Volunteers would bring tents, games and face paints to the tennis courts. At least 10 vendors, including Morgan Mooney, would set up tables and umbrellas around the bay side. Some would sell jewelry, artwork and Bloody Mary Mix. Others would come to represent their non-profit organizations: Riverhead Foundation, Audubon Society, Good Samaritan Hospital, and Canine Companions for Independence. Hamburgers and hot dogs would be cooked and clams would be shucked. Don and Willy would soon be on their way to their marathon performance at the Inn. A DJ would be setting up in the courtyard between the two restaurants. Saturday was unbelievably hot, but the crowds came, bought, and ate and drank, finding some escape in the Fire House or the AC inside or on the cooler decks of the Coles’ and Barbaras’ restaurants. The vendors and the volunteers, on the other hand, looked pretty wilted by the time the prize winning tickets were drawn. Everyone perked up with the excitement those announcements brought. John Tucker won the 50-50. Angela Figuroa won the Lotto scratch-off board. Frank Ribando won Seabay’s donated Sun Streamway bicycle, Dave Weinguard won Pine Walk’s Yeti Coolers, Sue Dunn won Oak Walk’s Ferry Tickets and gift certificates, Erin Wahlberg won the huge paddle board donated by East Lighthouse walk, Tiana won the Weber grill donated by West Lighthouse Walk, Amy Wood won the Bulkhead’s Sunbrella patio set, “Lazy Bones” won the Silent Auction cooler, Dawn Leone won the tool set, Molly Milligan won the toy bucket, Ken Bellafiore won the Stella Boy, Tom Licari the Bulova watch, Grace and Casey two Silent Discos, Tom DeCellis won the luncheon cruise on the Lauren Kristy, Jane Mooney won the Portal hands free calling, and 60 people, including me, won one or more of the Chinese Auction buckets they had craved. A memorial service was held on July 23, at All Souls Unitarian Church in Manhattan, for Lynn Gioiella. Lynn was a long-time owner- resident of Camelot and had served as president of the Camelot condominium board. She was honored for her commitment, integrity and loyalty. Friends and residents of Camelot will gather for a Kismet remembrance at cocktail hour in early August. Elliot Epstein has created a new website ( where homeowners can access information from Fire Island National Seashore (FINS), the NYS Police and Permitting offices. Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary – that great team that brought us Kismet By the Bay – has another exciting event planned. A Comedy Night will be held Saturday, Aug. 9, at the Firehouse. Tickets are $40 including two drinks. Doors open at 7 p.m. Newly appointed FINS Superintendent Alex Romero has scheduled a series of open houses with Fire Island residents. A closest meeting in time and distance will be held Aug. 24, at 10 a.m., at the Village Hall in Saltaire.