Kismet Kapers

The recent downpours make us appreciate the following spectacular sunny days. It is fawning season and, because of proximity to the National Seashore lands, some of us have been lucky enough to witness the tiny newborns cavorting around their mothers, trying out their new legs and savoring their first tastes of grass and clover. The caveat, as many responding to a shared a video pointed out, is the dark reminder that a number of those deer will not survive the cruel winter killing that has been going on since the National Seashore began implementing its Deer Management program several years ago. A 2019 editorial written by Shoshanna McCollum, the editor of the Fire Island News, published in the Islip Bulletin reminded me of our lamented loss.

I watched the Kismet world walking and riding by as I sat with Ernie B., Barbara Winter’s nephew from “Catch 33,” selling bike raffle tickets for Kismet League for Animal Welfare (KLAW). The first of many friends, neighbors and visitors to stop by were Mary Pat and her daughter, Norah, a recent graduate, who helped set up a Venmo app for this technology slow learner. Kathy and John Henry came off the 11:30 ferry on their way home to “Innisfree.” John and Robin B., she on her yellow tricycle, passed by and stopped to chat. Art W. reminded me that Collette had won the KLAW bike several years ago. Another young woman recounted that she had previously won the KLAW Silent Auction teeth whitening while her sister had won fall time at “Margaritavilla.”

The first painted sea shells, featured at our table, were created by Ernie but Kismet’s children were only days behind. Kai S. and Reilly Chriefer set up their wagon shops downtown on a sunny Tuesday. Reilly is the granddaughter of Russell and Mary Katherine Baker, and great-granddaughter of the late Jack and Marge Baker. Kai was exhibiting and selling his scenic photographs, starter succulent plants and beautiful necklaces he crafts from Kismet sand, resin and acrylic. Reilly’s wagon featured painted shells and jars of packaged “Slime.” Ask your kids, grandkids to explain.

A new tradition has begun with the addition of the nationally registered Kismet Little Free Library, a small red box on a pole by the Firehouse donated by Charlie Della Penna of “Innisfree” house. Everyone is invited to drop off and/or take books. Trivia nights have resumed every Tuesday at the Dive at 7 p.m. This is great fun for folks of all ages. Anyone interested in guaranteed tennis space can reserve court time at the Camelot, 917-714-2776. There is also possibility of Pickleball. The inaugural of the non-profit Jillian A. Metcalf Foundation is scheduled for Sept. 24, with a J.A.M. festival featuring food, beverages, music and raffles at Kismet Park (the playground). In recognition of Jillian’s studies for a nursing career, the Foundation will provide financial assistance to nursing students as well as benefiting the projected new emergency helipad west of Kismet. Tickets and sponsorship packages are available at 631-478-8546 and by invitational email.