Daniel “Danny Boy” Salmon (1957-2021)

Daniel “Danny Boy” Salmon strived to grow his Fire Island tree-trimming business over three decades and succeeded to become a Seaview household name. His sudden heart attack and passing on Jan. 21, 2021, came as a shock to his loved ones and those he serviced in Seaview, Ocean Bay Park and Ocean Beach, as their clientele relationship quickly became a friendship.Born and raised in Brooklyn, Salmon came to the island in 1998 to begin Danny Boy Landscaping. A Seaview resident, Salmon worked diligently from the early morning to the late hours of the night, traveling on his golf cart to offer a friendly smile to all he encountered.A proud husband to his wife Kaywanna, father to his three daughters, and grandfather to two young girls, Salmon had an array of accomplishments to be proud of.Much more to Salmon than an employee, 48-year-old Neville Lindsay began working for Solomon in the spring of 2016 and lived with him in Seaview when there was work to be done. He described Salmon and their relationship as one non-traditional between boss and employee. “Much more than a boss, Danny was always there to happily give direction and advice, work related or not. Young, old, rich or poor … Danny was always there for everybody.”While Salmon’s work was often demanding and many times done in sweltering heat, Lindsay, among others who spoke to his character, described that he was always happy. “His wife and family would visit from time to time, and aside from his work, Danny was always happiest and most proud to be with them,” Lindsay said.Salmon was proud to serve the Fire Island Community with a smile, according to Lindsay, regardless of any challenges that would arise during their long hours of work. His laughter cancelled out any disagreements, as Salmon was a man always looking towards the bright side.Lindsay said that Salmon’s death was particularly shocking as he spoke with him days before his passing about work. “I was home to see my family and Danny gave me a call to discuss plans for the coming season … he said, ‘there’s a lot to be done.’” He went on to explain that aside from his loved ones, Salmon’s greatest source of joy was pleasing those he worked for and with on the island.“There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of Danny. As we’re working, there’s always something that brings us back in memory of him. “