A Summer of Signs from the Other Side: A Three-Part Series, Part II

Our deceased loved ones regularly send us signs and messages from the Other Side. One of their favorite ways to commune with us is to use nature and natural phenomena to show that they are still around. As you stroll around Fire Island or hang out at the beach this summer, pay attention to your surroundings to see how Souls-in-Spirit communicate. If you celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or wedding, look for signs from your deceased loved ones. They never miss an important event and like to make their presence known by sending a dragonfly, ladybug, dove, praying mantis, hummingbird, cardinal, or butterfly your way. However, these winged wonders have other symbolic meanings, and souls who have crossed over may be trying to deliver a deeper message to you.Spiritually, butterflies are seen as symbols of the human soul. In Greek mythology, psyche is the word for butterfly, but it also means soul. Butterflies undergo a magnificent four-staged metamorphosis during their lifetimes, making them an apt metaphor for our soul’s journey toward enlightenment. When a butterfly follows you around or lands on you, view this as a heavenly reminder that transformative change is an integral part of life, so learn to embrace it.A Soul-in-Spirit might send you a hummingbird when you are feeling depressed or sad because these tiniest of migrating birds epitomize hope and good fortune. Suppose you are nervous about a particular situation, and suddenly, a ladybug lands on your arm. In this instance, your departed loved ones want you to know they are protecting you and yours and ensuring a positive outcome for this troubling circumstance. Seeing a praying mantis when you are anxious is Spirit’s way of letting you know that your prayers and wishes are being heard and processed, so sit back, relax, and let karma do its thing.

But how do you know whether these are true signs from the Other Side, a figment of your imagination, or just wishful thinking? Undoubtedly, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and every bug and bird is not a cosmic message from on high. However, when a Soul-in-Spirit connects with you, there will always be an element of synchronicity or divine coincidence involved. For example, a cardinal may fly by at the exact moment your thoughts are focused on a loved one who has recently passed. Cardinals are often seen as spiritual messengers, and spotting one at an opportune moment confirms your deceased loved ones are watching over you.

There will always be a shadow of a doubt if these natural occurrences are messages from the Other Side, but this is where the gift of faith comes in. According to Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Trust that you will instinctively know when Souls-in-Spirit have blessed you with a sign. Additionally, pets, especially cats and dogs, sense when Spirit is present, and this can make them behave peculiarly. They might circle frantically or stare off into the corner at seemingly nothing while meowing, purring, barking, or growling. Uncharacteristic behavior on the part of your pets can further validate an afterlife visitation from someone you love.

While walking the shoreline this summer, you may see natural phenomena that form heart shapes, such as cloud formations, rocks, or shells. When you spot one of these heart-shaped signs, Souls-in-Spirit are saying, “I love you,” and “Love is the answer.” Seeing a rainbow when you are feeling particularly sad about a loved one’s passing can be their way of reassuring you that this dark and stormy moment will pass and better and brighter days are ahead. Finding a white feather in an unusual place can be another loving sign from a deceased relative meant to bring inner peace and a profound awareness of their eternal presence.


Take the time to write down the signs you get from those who have crossed over. Doing this lets your deceased loved ones know you are serious about receiving messages from above; therefore, they will continue sending them your way. Periodically review what you have written and meditate on the bigger messages these signs are trying to reveal.

In the final article of this three-part series, you will learn how Souls-in-Spirit telepathically communicate and how they love to visit with you in the dream plane.