Pumpkin Fields Forever

Fire Island News Reporter, Emma Boskovski strikes a pose at Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm in Aquebogue, New York. Why does this photo make us smile? Well the infinite expanse of golden-orange spheres in a field of single-point perspective us certainly appealing – but then there Emma’s stylish mauve tracksuit with white sneakers that we like too – not to mention her bright smile.Emma started working for us in the summer of 2018, the summer before she entered her sophomore year at SUNY Geneseo, and soon she became one of our most prolific correspondents. Over the years it was not unusual for her to contribute articles while on winter or spring break, and her efforts have won this publication three journalism awards to date.During this timeframe, Emma also was part of the editorial team at The Lamron, her college newspaper. She is also a brave survivor of COVID-19 – diagnosed with it while on campus during her final semester. Shortly after graduating from Geneseo, she accepted an Associate Producer position with News 12 Long Island. We hope the experience she gained at FIN played some small part in this achievement.