Hot Mess 

by Leonard Feigenblatt

Max, a standup comic and recovering  alcoholic and Elanor, a neurotic standup comic, are falling in love.  As the months pass in their relationship, Max is trying to tell Elanor his secret; he is bisexual and has previously been in a relationship with a man.

Hot Mess is not a hot mess. It is written by Dan Rothenberg and Colleen Crabtree and  based on their lives and relationship. They are married to one another.  It does have some genuinely funny moments. Max Crumm as Max and Lucy DeVito as Elanor are very likable and charming and  have a wonderful chemistry together. Paul Molnar plays a couple of characters who are used as a sounding board for Max’s character. Max Crumm, started out by appearing on the reality casting show “Grease: You’re the One that I Want!” He won and was cast as Danny Zuko in the 2007 revival of “Grease” opposite  Laura Osnes, who won the female lead of Sandy. He has since co-starred in the off Broadway production of “F**king Up Everything”  in 2013 and in the Broadway musical “Disaster!” In 2016 and now in “Hot Mess.” Poor Max Crumm, he has had the worst luck with titles. Someone, please give him a break and cast him in a production that will have a run.

The scenic designer Tobin Ost does great work with his wonderfully innovative set. Still, at a mere 65 minutes, it doesn’t feel like a fully developed play but like an elongated, slight, situation comedy skit.

Hot Mess is playing through December 17, 2017Jerry Orbach TheaterAt the Theater Center210 West 50th Street

For tickets and more information visit or call 866-448-7849