Beacheria: Home of the Mozzarella Donuts

There is nothing like a delicious lunch break during a day at the beach. Operating in Ocean Beach since 2019, Beacheria continues to bring new dishes and a bright energy to the town that is perfect for a quick bite after swimming in the waves.

The place is adorned with witty posters and bicycles with pizzas for wheels. While most of the customers were enjoying slices of pizza or paninis, there was one menu item that was not typically seen on Italian restaurant menus: Mozzarella Donuts.

The word ‘donut’ automatically causes our brains to think of a sweet dessert, but Beacheria invented a savory snack sharing the name. The only similarities between a regular donut and the Mozzarella Donut are they are fried and their shape. Beacheria’s popular creation is fresh fried mozzarella in a circle with a hole in the center, just like a donut.

One order contains two crispy Mozzarella Donuts and a container with their delicious marinara sauce. Parmesan cheese and
parsley are sprinkled on top for an extra boost of flavor. The light layer of breading gives the donut a crunch to each bite. Melted mozzarella cheese oozes out and creates the perfect blend of flavors.

The fried breadcrumb coating is savory and salty, while the mozzarella cheese is milky and stretchy. Oil and seasoning elevate the flavors to a more high-end tasting mozzarella stick. The marinara sauce for dipping had a fresh tomato and velvety taste that paired well with the donuts.

If you are not a fan of fried mozzarella, their large collection of heroes and paninis are the perfect option for a small meal. Try a bite of The Park Panini, which features breaded chicken cutlets, crispy bacon, roasted pepper aioli and a thick slice of their fresh mozzarella. The chicken was juicy and flavorful with a nice thin layer of crispy breading. All the ingredients are squished between crunchy bread seasoned to taste like garlic bread. The aioli added some more moisture and a zesty flavor to the delicious panini.

Whether you want the Mozzarella Donuts, a calzone or a panini, Beacheria is a perfect spot to grab a bite to eat on your vacation. The service was friendly and fast, while the food fresh and delicious.

Beacheria describes itself as a “Fast Casual Dining Establishment” on their website. They offer online ordering for pickup and delivery, but you can always pop in to sit and enjoy your meal. Adding to the convenience factor, if you are out of cash, Beacheria accepts credit cards and Apple Pay.

They also serve impressive Italian entrees, heroes and larger meals in addition to their choices of quick lunch options. This an ideal spot for vacationers and locals alike to enjoy.