KISMET KAPERS: Cool Kismet Breeze

Fawn at Carolines
Please don’t disturb the young fawns like this one at Caroline’s. It is not abandoned, and the mother will return.
Photo by Bradlee White.

While New Yorkers elsewhere suffered and dealt with the dreaded “heat dome,” the westerly breezes off the Atlantic coast provided relief and a great weekend. Downtown Kismet was almost deserted as residents and visitors headed to the beach to beat the heat.


As it turned out, the heat was beaten throughout the community. It felt like an ideal spring day on the first summer day at the KLAW (Kismet League for Animal Welfare) table across from the Firehouse. People passing by slowed to chat and savor the day. The beach was a perfect “9” since ice cubes seemingly cooled the water. Still, the ocean was full of gleeful children, and sensible adults walked and talked along the water’s edge. Dennis W. celebrated a giant, weekend-long birthday. Friends from far and near were served meals, beverages, and treats on the beach and at his home by a friend’s visiting adult children who were drafted as “volunteers.”


Sadly, Kismet will be missing three of its long-time residents with the untimely passing of Joyce Borelli and the departure of Regina English and Gene McGovern following injury and ill health. Joyce was a long-time member of the “Xanadu” crew of East Lighthouse Walk and had many friends from all walks of Kismet life. Her passing was announced by her good friend Joanie List. Regina English, who had upped her Kismet residency to year-round for the last two years, sustained severe injuries last winter. She is the widow of Jack English, a prominent political figure and long-time Kismet resident. Friends and family spent much of the weekend helping her move. Gene McGovern has not been seen in Kismet for the last few years, with his Seabay house rented to groups of Kismet Inn staff. When I talked with him at the ferry this spring, he told me his health conditions had worsened.


The next event on our Kismet calendar is the fourth annual “Sandcastle Building” event on Saturday, July 6, on the beach west of the Lifeguard stand. Participants can build their creations as “Children,” “Adults,” or “Children plus Adults.” Sculptures may be begun at any time that day but must be finished by 3 p.m. for judging. Category winners will receive baskets of “goodies” contributed by the community.  Residents and visitors are invited.

Jackson Davis announced that Kismet Coffee (at the old Pizza Shack) is now open every day from 7:30 a.m., serving all kinds of coffee, pastries, and smoothies. This busy man also oversees the fifth annual Trivia Night at the Dive on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and invites everyone to participate.