Barbara Gaby Placilla ~ Somebody please hit the brakes. The summer of ‘22 is going by way too fast!

As the vacationers and day trippers continue to flock to OBP for the last remnants of summer, some of our own are vacationing off-island. Jennifer and Donall Winters are off to Alaska for a two-week adventure. Hudson Flynn is on her way to Amsterdam to continue her education. It’s her first trip to Europe and I know she will love it. Having grown up on Fire Island, I know Hudson will dodge the bicycle, scooter, et al. traffic like a pro. Meanwhile, Angelo Sakonas and Mildred Nece are soaking up the sun in Greece. And, back on the ranch, it’s party on OBP! Jeff Clukey surprised his partner Brett Brubaker with a “chicken, cocktails and cake” birthday party. In a surprise twist, Jeff gave each of us guests a Kenny Goodman key ring to remember the evening.

Deacon and Dashiell Gardner playing the National Anthem, accompanied by their friend Natalie at the 19th annual Gurian-Gardner Over/Under game.

The OBP FD Auxiliary hosted a wine and cheese fundraiser on Aug. 13 that included a lecture and book signing by the author of “Fire Island Saga: How Fire Island Got Its Name,” Warren C. McDowell. McDowell, historian and folklorist, presented an overview of how Fire Island got its name and discussed myths and legends surrounding the island. An added bonus was the glorious sunset the attendees witnessed on the firehouse back deck. That same evening, over on Michigan Street, block captains Jody Miller and Amanda Pollack organized the second of three BYOB and meet your neighbors community events. The last one planned for this summer will take place on Ocean Bay Boulevard on Sept. 3 with block captains Irene Fazio and Angelo Sakonas.

The 19th annual Gurian-Gardner Over/Under game was a warm up for the much anticipated Seaview-Ocean Bay Park homeowner game that is a Labor Day weekend tradition. The National Anthem was performed by Deacon and Dashiell Gardner accompanied by their friend Natalie. Ocean Bay Park players included Holden Bascom, Julianna Lesser and Sofia Borges. This year the cut off age for over was 47 and 16 for the under. Joel Mandel’s daughter Sarah hit a bases loaded triple in the top of the 7th to clinch a 6-3 under win.

Did you ever have one of those if I could turn back time moments come true? Earlier this summer I wrote about the thrill of the treasure hunt and how much fun it can be to repurpose someone else’s throw away. Last year, I rescued a vintage Carrom nok hockey board from outside a house in Seaview. It had been in the trash for several days. On the third day I knew I had to bring it home, so I did, and then ordered the missing sticks and pucks from Amazon. I grew up in Sunnyside, Queens where the NYC Park Service had a game hut in Thompson Hill Park on Greenpoint Avenue and we could play nok hockey and other games. This weekend, we held our first annual family nok hockey tournament.  I don’t know who threw the board away, but if you happen to read this, thank you for allowing me to turn back time for a brief and wonderful moment with my family!

Can’t believe that we have only one more issue after this and then it’s over. It seems that this party just got started.