Ms. Cosmopolitan herself, Robbie Harris!

Wow, June is just about over and we are already half way through the year. But then time flies when you’re having fun! So, even though we haven’t had a lot of good beach days, June has not disappointed because there has been a lot going on in the Park and the best of summer is yet to come.

As a follow up to their annual plant sale, the OBP FD Auxiliary held a Belmont Stakes wine and cheese party that they advertised as a “fun raiser” on June 10 at the firehouse. The fire hall and back deck were packed as the attendees enjoyed the day and hoped their horse was the winner. Among the winners: Ken Klein; Steve Placilla, who partnered with Ocean Beach FD’s John Pappas’ and yours truly, who “bet” solo. I hope this means my luck has changed because I never win anything. 

While out and about I spotted the inimitable Ms. Robbie Harris who is now toting the most amazing insulated martini to go glass. How cosmopolitan!

Next on the calendar is the first Community Block Party, on June 24, along the length of Ocean Bay Boulevard from the bay to the ocean. I will provide full details and photos in my next column. In addition to the block party, committee members Michael-Ann Rowe, Candace Schiffer and Nonda Volpe have planned the first annual OBP Art, House and Garden Tour in July. Also in the works are a new OBP town map, the Community Fundraiser Silent auction and a reprise of last year’s successful Sunset Soiree. So, stay tuned for details and thank all the community activists who are making a difference in OBP.

I am very sad to report that former OBP FD m=Member and Ex-Commissioner Ed Meltsner has answered his last alarm. Ed resided for many years in Seaview with his late wife, Barbara. He was a World War II Marine Corps veteran who fought in Okinawa and witnessed the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. He was the consummate gentleman and I always enjoyed speaking with him and Barbara, with whom I shared a love of baking. The day after the Sept.11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, my son, Chris, who was then an FDNY probie, saw Ed on the “pile” when he heard someone call his name and recognized it was Ed because he wearing his yellow OBP FD windbreaker. Ed, who was then about 75, had walked downtown from his home on the Upper East Side to the World Trade Center site. When Chris asked him why he was there with no turnout gear and boots, he said he was there because firefighters help each other. Ed was truly an example of why they were called the Greatest Generation. May he rest in peace.