Saltaire Summery

by Hugh O’Brien

Thank you for visiting Saltaire last Sunday. (Photo by Hugh O’Brien.)

         Shark attacks. Heat waves. Riptides. Thunder. Lightning. Downpours. Floods. Serial killers. Tornado alerts, astonishingly on the very day the Club added tournedos of beef to its menu. “Nothing to see here.” Another ho-hum summer, and this isn’t even Ho-Hum Beach. Hmmm.

         So, mid-July, and here we are, closing in on the halfway point with lots still to do, so without further ado, let’s do it….

         Start with the SVFC’s annual 22nd-of-July Parade – this year, strikingly enough, actually held on July 22, commemorating that date in 1707 when England and Scotland united as the Kingdom of Great Britain, whence we declared our independence a mere 68 years and 347 days later. The specific route may be heat-dependent (no sense leaving all those firefighters, musicians and trustees scattered prostrate about the walks), but hopefully humanitarians amongst the spectators will pity the passing paraders prior to their passage into passed-out paraders and toss some water on them. There will be music, eats, and a dose of patriotic fervor back at Firehouse Central. Step-off time, 10:30 a.m.

Farther afield, and we do mean field, herewith we’re here with advance notice from Ralph Perlberger of the 24th Annual Perlberger Cup Soccer Tournament, the weekend of Aug. 12-13 on and at the Broadway field. (Much better than using the tennis courts again.) Registration 8:30 a.m. Saturday, 10 bucks a pop (or any other family member), open to anyone 13 and over, with the modestly-discriminatory caveat of Saltairians first. We’ll shoot a reminder nearer kick-off time.

For those whose athleticism runs to a more indoor, cerebral variety, Connie Lawler’s annual Duplicate Bridge is, like Connie, back! Bridge spans six weeks, July 24 to Aug. 28, Mondays from noon to 3 p.m. at the SYC [sic], $25 per session. If your bridgework needs attention contact Connie – 917-952-5236 or – and while $25 may seem a high toll for bridge, this is, after all, duplicate bridge, so think of it as two payments of $12.50 each, and fitting tribute to founders Lloyd, Jeff and Beau.

Excellent job by Kathy Shaw and the SCA in their presentation of plans for the new playground. Coming soon amid a busy SCA summer: July 23, the Return of the BazaaRRR [sic]; July 29, the Return of the Candidate ForumRRR; Aug. 5, the Return of the Artisan FairRRR and Bay PicnicRRR (capped off by the Return of the FireworksRRR). SCA will keep everyone apprised of details via emails. Late flash! SCA’s re-scheduled Sunday’s Sea & Sand Sustainability session to July 23 due to unsustainable rainfall. Late flash flood?