Saltaire Summery

The Saltaire Volunteer Fire Company smartly trods the boards as its 2023 parade gets underway. (Photo courtesy SVFC.)

As centenaries go, few are on par with the 100th anniversary of Calvin Coolidge’s accession to the presidency on Aug. 3, but here in Saltaire the nationwide two-minutes’ silence in memory of Prez Number 30 was pierced (oops – different president) by the excitement of an ever-busier month ahead (including the centenary of St. Andrew’s church later this month – more to come) as we enter the homestretch of summer 2023.

This Friday, Aug. 4, Camp CEO Molly Davis oversees the second annual Stuffy Parade, and it’s no conceit to say the Stuffies stand to be an even bigger hit this year than last. The Stuffs kick off not only more presidential celebrations (Obama’s 62nd birthday) but the SCA’s Music & Arts Festival, Saturday, Aug. 5, with handmade goods and homemade goodies for sale from every stand and wagon. Followed Saturday night by live fireworks, returning after a three-year hiatus, a welcome sight for Saltairians and everyone living within a 10-mile viewing radius, and the perfect way to round off the Bay Picnic, which starts at 6 p.m. in front of the homes of some very accommodating neighbors.

The more athletically inclined amongst us can expect to be exceedingly athletic next weekend. What’s probably the 46th annual Jogathon will stampede Sunday, Aug. 13. The kids’ one-mile Fun Run will start at 9 a.m., followed by the adults’ one-mile and 5k runs. Registration, Saturday 9 a.m. to noon at the gazebo, $25 for SCA members, $35 for outliers, with the usual J’thon T to add to your bedroom drawer collection. 

A short sprint away, it’s the 24th Annual Perlberger Cup Soccer tourney. Footballers register ($10) Saturday morning at the field from 8:30-9:30 a.m., heralding two days of intense play, with the scuffed but triumphant winners receiving their just desserts in cups and ribbons Sunday, though one suspects they’d settle for just the dessert.

July 20 marked not only the 54th anniversary of the moon landing but the 96th annual Cross-Bay Swim, named since 2000 in honor of our late friend, Maggie Fischer. Maggie’s dad, Bob, reports: “We launched 127 swimmers, a record number for us. Many of our lifeguards and residents competed. Rich Wilde set a new record of 22 crossings. Conditions were tougher than usual thanks to a strong easterly wind at the start. Hundreds of people watched the finish in Brightwaters and News12 Long Island sent a helicopter and had a live news crew at the finish.” Bob noted that while Maggie was a Saltaire lifeguard and fourth-generation Fire Islander, many newer residents probably have no idea of this tradition dating back to 1927. That means in four years we will be celebrating a century of cross bay swims.