#1: How to Get to Fire Island Without a Boat

“How else am I going to get to Fire Island if I don’t take a ferry?” That’s a great question. Sure, you could take your boat over- if you have one. Or, if you’re lucky, maybe you have a friend with a boat who is wonderful enough to bring you along. Perhaps you are overly-confident in your swimming abilities, and after a few energy drinks you’ll feel enthusiastic enough to swim across the bay (I don’t suggest this route). There has to be some other way…  

Well, there is a #FireIslandLifeHack for that and I’m going to share it with you! If you’re looking for an alternative route to gain access into Fire Island towns, here’s an option: walk into Kismet from Robert Moses Field 5. Be aware that this is for day trips only- leaving your car parked past dusk or overnight will get you a ticket, so be sure to leave time to make it back to your vehicle before dark. If you prefer to not leave a car at all, getting dropped off near the boardwalk entrance is also an option.  

Photo by Nicole Cardone

The walk takes no longer than a ferry ride would. Starting at Field 5 there is an entrance to the boardwalk that will take you to the lighthouse, providing spectacular views of the dunes and wildlife along the way. Once at the lighthouse, you can divert onto whichever path you choose: Stay in the middle, go south to the ocean, or go north to the bay. If you stay central on the road, you can ride a bike directly to the streets of Fire Island. My personal favorite is the bayside view where you can see all the boats and beauty of the Great South Bay. Just be sure not to trespass on private property. Enjoy your walk! You’ve now made it to Kismet.