By Cathy Gledhill ShislerIt’s that time of the year again! Time to celebrate the best months of the year at the beach. What’s better than a summer barbeque party? This is where you get to stretch your creative side and come up with an awesome theme for you and your guests! There’s no better time of the year to have a barbecue than on July 4, especially after the annual Davis Park Fourth of July Parade. A full on barbecue with lots of homemade grilled foods, desserts and drinks is always a great way to gather beach friends and family together for good times and great memories.Party is all about the décor, food and drinks. Décor: start off with a rustic party invitation like a Declaration of Independence, which includes all your party information. If you’re not a crafter you can order them online. Once your guests receive the invitation, that’s their window into your theme. Do a rustic design; combine red, white and blue with burlap fabric, galvanized metal and wire baskets or whatever you can find around your beach house. Stick with the American feel by arranging flowers (from Bush’s farm stand) in mason jars. Use red, white and blue bandannas tied to rope to make a banner to hang across the deck. Make rustic candle holders with soup or vegetable cans — remove the label, punch holes in them with star design and spray paint them red, white and blue and add a candle for nighttime parties. For the guest who likes to have a nice refreshing drink serve a red wine and blue summer spritzer, white wine, white soda (such as 7-Up), frozen cherries and frozen blueberries to keep the drink cold and delicious. Also, you can make a great blue Hawaiian with ice, orange vodka, blue curacao and pineapple juice; blend it with ice and make it a frozen drink to cool off your guests and top with a little flag pick.For food, instead of grilling ordinary burgers and hotdogs, make gourmet sliders with fun flavored sauces and toppings so everyone can try different options of this tasty treat. Set up a hotdog fixings bar with all your toppings such as onions, relish and sauerkraut. Use a muffin tin and fill it with the toppings. Put French fries in paper cones made out of festive paper and line them up in baskets for the taking. Have your traditions, but add a twist that your guests will remember. For dessert, have a pie table; go buy all flavored store-bought pies: blueberry, cherry pie and American apple! Serve with vanilla ice cream and whip cream. Watch your guests go wild!Don’t forget the kids. Have some old-fashioned games like beanbag toss, three-legged race and a hula-hoop contest. You can hold these on the beach and adults (after a few cocktails) can participate. Have a game time so all guests can come to the beach to play and watch the festivities. Have sparklers for all guests to end the party when the sun goes down. I love to entertain and throw theme parties. Themes can be held all summer long. May your parties be great and please send me pictures to post in next article.In community news Saturday, June 20, was DPA Beautification Planting, which started at 8 a.m. Linda Spencer organized the volunteers. What a great job done by all who worked late till everything was planted. Thanks to the annual Brookhaven Plant Grant for providing materials.Support the CRAB (Davis Park Recreation Community Arts & Beatification) by going in the Harbor Store and buying the new spring 2015 posters.Don’t forget the first blood pressure screening on July 9, at 5 p.m., at the Bedside Manor, 7 Dune Walk, Ocean Ridge.Gruber’s on Dune in Ocean Ridge had their annual hotdog party on Saturday, June 20, at their house. The party was a fun time; how many hotdogs can you eat?Trish and Andy Dejana’s son, Peter, graduated from St. John the Baptist and will be attending University of Philadelphia in the fall. Congratulations to him!I ventured out of Davis Park to another part of Fire Island, Cherry Grove. Thank you Bob Levine for being our tour guide and inviting us to your beautiful house on the Bay. I visited Cherry’s for my friend Darlene’s birthday bash. Then we were off to the Ice Palace for the Drag show around the pool. I stood there and said, “I’m not in Davis Park anymore!”There was a rare sighting on the 7:30 ferry, Garrett Anger and Cory at the same time. It is very rare to see Garrett on the ferry at all, but to see them both at the same time; I had to include a picture of that.Casino Café had their first Paint Night on July 1. If you missed it get your tickets for the next ones, July 20 and Aug. 10. Have fun, drink, paint, party!Casino’s Margarita Mondays starts on July 6. So go have a nice cold Margarita with your dinner. Also Clambake Tuesdays start July 7, so bring your lobster bib.Casino Bar’s Fourth of July Weekend line up begins Friday, July 3, with live music by 20 Highview, at 2:30 p.m. Doors open at noon on Saturday, July 4, with live music by Just Groovin’, at 2:30 p.m. The live music continues on Sunday, July 5, with Drop Dead Sexy, also at 2:30 p.m. Go have fun and dance!Got news for Cathy’s column? Email her at [email protected].