Davis Park

DAVIS PARKBy Cathy ShislerSpring is officially here. When the first ferry ran on March 12 it was a cold day, but there were many locals who couldn’t wait to get to their beach houses and see how the winter affected Davis Park. Davis Park had some changes over the winter. The weather was fair, so construction continued on the homes. The biggest change was the Casino Bar, which received a whole new look. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s a must-see. There are two garage doors on either side that are all glass windows, soon to be open with all the people gathering inside and outside. There are new floors, new paint and an all-new gorgeous larger bar. All new Casino Bar signs are hung; the bar hasn’t seen a renovation since 1996. The bar’s new look is the vision of local Contractor, Eric Lemery and his crew. The new renovations were enjoyed by all at their opening weekend on Friday May 6, followed by Saturday with the annual Kentucky Derby party. Everyone came in their hats, enjoyed the homemade chili, sipped on a cocktail and watched the horses. Check out their lineup of bands for Memorial Day weekend, I’ll see you there! Casino Café opens weekend of May 27, looking forward to see what’s new on the menu this year.photo 1 first ferryMain Walk also received a new look, North Dock boaters will be happy with a new beach! Also in March a Verizon Wireless cell receiver was added at the top of the Casino, providing five-bar signal strength in and around the Marina. Big thanks to Stanley and Fran for keeping us updated on the changes during the winter months. I asked Fran how the winter was and he said he enjoyed it, he spent sixteen days straight without leaving. He and Lucy survived the blizzard in January, where they walked the entire beach from Whalebone to Fifth Walk at low tide. Fran said there was much erosion along the entire beach after the storm, and posted many great pictures as well. Stanley also kept us updated with his drives back and forth on the beach to and from work. Seems he had many adventures including two leaking tires after he drove over a buried tree in Cherry Grove. He made it back to Davis after changing one tire with the spare.With all the great changes Davis experienced during the winter there was one change that saddened us all, the passing of Bonnie Smith in March. She lived at the Green Dragon from June to October. She could have been seen on any given Friday, Saturday, and or Sunday socializing, dancing and laughing at the Davis Park Casino. Her daughter Jackie said this about her mom, “Whether you knew her for a lifetime or met her once, she made an impression on you.” Maybe you danced with her, maybe you were the lucky recipient of her homemade key lime colada. Maybe you went fishing with her (while she caught the largest fish). Maybe you had a “shot with Bonnie” or shared a sunset with her on the balcony. Maybe she spoiled your kids or you traveled with her. Maybe you laughed together or she comforted you while you cried. Jackie and James (Bonnie’s son) reminisced about how their parents Bonnie and Smitty, who passed several years ago, were married at Davis in 1966 and given the Green Dragon (7 East Walk) as a wedding gift from her parents. Her father bought three plots in Davis in 1952. Bonnie’s first summer at the beach was when she was five, she loved Davis and considered this home. Many people remember Bonnie, here are a few words…Bonnie will be greatly missed. She was, is, and always will be one spectacular lady. She lifted spirits more than anyone else could. Bonnie had an incredible way about her! Her love of family, life, and her amazing ability to bring people together. Such a lovely lady with a wonderful smile! She is timeless and a Davis park icon! I was lucky once to enjoy her beach turkey. She’s up in heaven with great company enjoying a cocktail and dancing the night away. I remembered Bonnie many years ago, at least 40, always a lovely person, the parties at the A frame ..legendary. Bonnie asked her two children JL and Jackie to have a memorial party at the Casino instead of a wake and funeral. So there was a service at the church in Davis on May 15, followed by a memorial party at the Casino to celebrate Bonnie and her love for life. Bonnie will clearly be missed. Kristen Downs said it perfectly “The beach won’t be the same!”photo 3 bonnieSee you all Memorial Day weekend, which is the official kickoff to summer. I’ve been very busy since the first week the ferry’s been running, getting all the houses cleaned for you all. I will be starting Shisler Yoga again this summer, so keep a watch out for my signs on the board.Email [email protected] to let Cathy know your Davis Park news.