Fire Island Pines

Rose’s View

By Robert Levine  Fire Island Pines Arts Project presented their 16th Biennial art exhibition at Whyte Hall on Saturday, Aug. 5.  Twenty-four artists, many of whom are from the Pines, were represented, featuring their work.  An open bar and hors d’oeuvres were served at the membership preview party prior to general public admission. The artists included Ayad Alkadhi, Roger Bailey, Kirk Bauer, Mark Beard, R. Scott Bromley, Edward Kai Chiu, Joseph Conforti, Richard Des Jardins, Alan Dodd, Dan Evans, Seth Foss, Frank Genova, Gregory Hayes, Leslie Howitt, Genevieve Leahy, Sean Basil McGiver, Ricardo Mulero, Kenneth Nadel, Carlos Pisco, Barbara Sahlman, Henrique Souza, William Douglas Topper, Glen Wielgus, and Lori Zeller.While absorbing all of the culture on the deck, Dominique Palmer and her daughter, Roz Palmer, approached me. Dominique is the daughter of Priscilla who lives in Washington, D.C., and the late Bob Alfondre, who lived in the Pines for many years. The family still has their Pines house. In 1960, Bob, Priscilla, and Dominique spent two weeks with me in the Grove with my late friend, Dick Kale. Priscilla was pregnant with her second daughter, Nicole. We reminisced and had some very touching moments. Dominique now lives in Newport, Rhode Island.Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visited the Pines for the seventh time for a fundraiser at the home of Gene Kagin and Robbie Regina. At least 100 people were there to great and meet.  We enjoyed hearing the senator speak. Andy Tobias, Ed Schulhafer, Todd Sears, Chris Garin, Joe Conforti, Michael Gaisa, Andy Baker, Ward Auerbach, Chris Coad, Henry Robbins, and Bob McGerity were among the guests.The senator spoke passionately about President Trump’s ban on transgender military. “We have to shout from every rooftop, it cannot be allowed. The line in the sand has to be long and bright … because if they attack the LBGTs, women will be next, then Jews and blacks – it is never going to stop!” How prophetic that the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, were unfolding as they were, almost to the hour of us assembled in that living room to hear her speak.Gary Kors and Roy Yaeger want to thank all those who contributed to the Fire Island Beautification Fund. Japanese Cherry Trees were planted in the harbor area last spring. Contributions can be made to The Pines Foundation, P.O. Box  5305 Fire Island Pines, NY 11782.This year’s SPRAY pool party was themed “Let The Sunshine In”, and was held in the Pines on the weekend of Aug. 12, sponsored by ShareGurl. The beneficiaries include Ali Forney, Water Project, Trinity Place Shelter, and The Pines Care Center.SAVE THE DATES:

  • On Friday, Aug. 18, from 6-8 p.m. Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin will make an appearance in the Pines at 72 Bay Walk. She is the first and only LGBTQ senator in the history of the U.S. to be elected to a national office while openly gay. (Harry Wolford only announced his sexuality decades after serving his term.) Visit if you have an interest in supporting Baldwin.
  • On Aug. 19, The Native Plant Tour, sponsored by The Pines Conservation Society, will take you on a tour of many houses including The Carrington Estate. The National Park Service is also collaborating in this tour. Meet at Pines Harbor at 10 a.m., the tour will continue until noon. Tour admission is $20 each. For more information, visit the Pines Conservation Society public group Facebook Page, or the website
  • BOFFO Fire Island Performance Festival 201,7 founded by Faris Al-Shathir in 2009, has their special weekend Aug. 18-20. This non-profit organization for artists, architects, and design, offers artist residency in the Pines. See posters at the Harbor or search the BOFFO Performance Festival on
  • Immigration Equality will be hosting their Liberation pool party on Aug. 26, at 491 Bay Walk, at 2 p.m. This organization offers legal services to LBGTQ immigrants who are often fleeing persecution from their home countries. Visit to learn more.
  • FIPAP will host a book signing for Paul Freedman on Aug. 26, in which he will discuss his recent title “Ten Restaurants that Changed America.” Following will be a tasting of dishes from the 10 restaurants.
  • “Sondheim on Sondheim” will be at Whyte Hall, on Sept. 1, 2 and 3. Tickets available in the Harbor or
  • On Sept. 3, Tony La Rocco will be honored for his 38 years of service to the Pines Conservation Society at a brunch, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Pines Club, 236 Bay Walk. Tony and Bill Moore will donate many pieces of artwork for auction. Catering will be by Billy Carrol. A table has been set up in the Harbor for tickets.