Happy Days

By Leonard Feigenblatt(4 out of 5 Stars)Boston Court’s production of Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days was presented at the Flea Theatre through July 17 was a telling rendition of this classic allegorical play.There is Winnie, the middle-aged woman buried up to her waist in a mound of dirt. Her husband Willie lurks in the background behind the mound, making intermittent appearances.Brooke Adams gives a very unflashy, real and sympathetic performance as Winnie. Emmy Award winner Tony Shalhoub, Brooke Adams real life husband, plays Willie. Willie is very much a small supporting role and Shalhoub seems intent on letting his wife shine. He is, however, too good and actor and has great chemistry and an emotional connection with his wife that he makes the most of every moment he is onstage.The Flea Theatre41 White Street212.352.3101Theflea.orgHappy Days