KISMET – Across the Bay with MJ

KISMET – Across the Bay with MJBy Marijane VoltzThe Fire Island Ferries were packed this Memorial Day weekend, as the weather was ideal for some fun in the sun. With the restaurants running on regular summer hours and music bands booked to play around the clock, the forecast for a good time was at an all-time high.The whirlwind weekend of fun kicked off atop the roof deck of La Famiglia, Dana DeRuvo and Joe Hanner’s Bayfront home. With the Dirty Vice Band on hand to entertain Kismet with a Memorial Day concert, they kicked off their show with the National Anthem.Photo 3As the concert got underway, the Dirty Vice Band graced Kismet with their original songs that merge rock, funk and As the concert got underway, the Dirty Vice Band graced Kismet with their original songs that merge rock, funk and             soul. As they jammed away, lead singers Razor Lazor and Liz Bennon filled the Kismet Inn’s marina with their unique sounds that brought family and friends to their feet, even Joyce Cole and Susie Imbert were getting down to the funky sounds.Following the Dirty Vice Band concert, the crowd worked its way over to the Surf’s Out to listen to the No Request Band. Notorious for being one of Long Island’s top bands, they play a wide selection of rock, dance and party favorites…they are also known for taking “no requests.” They never fail to please the crowd and the fans walk away always wanting more.In continuing with Memorial Day weekends Kismet Palooza, Tradewinds was scheduled to play at the Out on the following day. As guests filled the courtyard with standing room only, others sat down for dinner and drinks, in an effort to procure their spot.As Tradewinds played their pop, rock, and swing it was impossible to resist the urge to dance, with conga lines and line dancing, the crowd got down to the high energy, rhythmic horn section and diverse types of music such as Billy Joel, Chicago and Dave Matthews Band.If you missed all of the music in Kismet Square, chances are you were at the beach. With the FIMI Project still in progress and our walkovers not yet complete, residents and day trippers were forced to navigate their way around the pilings and cross bracings, to then walk over the freshly made dunes.When the decking materials do finally arrive, construction of the walkovers will begin in Saltaire, starting on Beacon Walk and moving westward. Each walkover is estimated to take a week to complete, which brings Kismet to July before their walkovers even get started. For the time being everyone is asked to use Oak Walk and Pine Walk, in an effort to preserve the new dunes on Seabay, East Lighthouse and West Lighthouse. Please tread lightly over the passageways that have been temporarily provided for us, the dunes are brand new and it would be a shame to damage the work that has already been done.On May 29, Karen Spollen hosted a garage sale benefitting “Boots on the Ground.” June is PTSD awareness month and what better way to pay respect to our military than to raise money and awareness to the veterans that struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Karen’s son, Grady O’Halloran, is serving oversees and Kismet keeps him in our prayers.Items that did not sell at the garage sale are said to have been donated to the annual KLAW Flea Market, which will take place on Saturday, June 18 from 10 to 4 p.m. and Sunday, June 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be a silent auction, and a Basket of Cheer raffle. All proceeds go towards Kismet League for Animal Welfare, which spay/neuter and feed the stray and feral cat population in Kismet.Monday, May 30, rain and fog engulfed Fire Island, making it impossible to navigate the ocean or bay. Those who were making the journey back to the mainland on their own vessel, knew it was wise to sit tight and wait out the fog. One young woman thought differently though as she decided to disrobe and take a dip in the ocean. Luckily for her, there were people on the beach who couldn’t see her through the fog, but could hear her cries for help, provoking them to call 911.Those who were called to the search and rescue were: the Saltaire volunteer Fire Department, the Fair Harbor volunteer Fire Department, the Kismet volunteer Fire Department, the Marine Juliet, Suffolk Police Department, National Park services and the Fire Island Coastguard Station that eventually located the damsel in distress after 42 minutes of being called. Please think twice before going into the ocean by yourself, even on a clear day.Kismet has been hit hard over the past year with the loss of friends and loved ones. On May 16, Terry Coiro, from “Three by the Sea” passed away. Kevin Dennis said it best by stating, “As I mourn the too-soon loss of Terry Coiro with so many others, I keep thinking of one signature trait of hers: her hospitality. This is not just of her home but also her mind, her warmth, her spirit, her heart. There are few souls I have met who have been more welcoming.” Terry was 55 years young.Please keep in mind that the KCA meeting will be held on June 12 at 10a.m. at the Kismet Fire Department. Other dates to remember are; the Fourth of July Parade which will take place on July 3, The Maggie Fischer Memorial Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim, which raises money for Hospice Bereavement Care, takes place on July 22 and The Northwell Health Pirate Festival will take place on August 2 from 12 to 5p.m. All proceeds go towards the urgent care we receive on Fire Island and the state-of-the-art care all trauma patients receive.Northwell Health Southside Hospital has a Level II trauma center, which translates into there being neurosurgeons, pulmonologists, intensivists, trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists and orthopedists on call 24/7. Northwell Health Level II trauma center also provides an in-house lab and has immediate in air life support capabilities. The Pirate Festival is the event of the summer on Fire Island, providing fun for all ages. As Fire Islanders, we are so lucky to have a Level II trauma center, a beacon of light, right across the bay. 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