Letter from the Publisher

It is with humble delight that we become part of a proud legacy that is Fire Island News. As the oldest in-print news publication on Fire Island we can’t think of a finer institution to be part of, and intend to deliver multi-media platform news to the people who love our island for many years ahead.Fire Island News is committed to quality journalism worthy of the intelligence of our readers whether it be breaking news, profile interviews, arts, local history, science, business, politics, health & fitness, and every now and then some good old-fashioned scuttlebutt.Here we also will promote goods and services that Fire Islanders desire. Our audience has a proven track record of being responsive to advertising content on local, regional and national levels. We may be a family owned business of modest size, but advertising with Fire Island News will yield impressive results.The Mercogliano FamilyPublishers, Fire Island News