Photo 3ROSE’S VIEW – CHERRY GROVEBy Robert LevineAs sources say, the term “housewives” is affiliated with Andy Cohen. He has produced the Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Orange County and Melbourne. The Cherry Grove edition of this franchise would not have to be directed or produced by anyone. Reality theater does not get any better than this: Patricia Goff, Lynn Eisenberg, Curtis Strohl, Alison Brackman, Suzanne Rayson, Joe Anania, Sharon Weinberg, Joan Van Ness, Julie Paradise, CeeJay Rosen, Jane Haber, Troy Files, Sam Green, Rose Levine, Evelyn Danko, Doreen Rallo, Craig Eberhard, Jan Felshin, Barbara Hirsch, Coco Love, Philomena, Mel Rock, Dominic Desantis, Lana, Richie Mastascusa, Michael Goddard, Mike Fisher, Parker Sargent, Steve Williams, Richard Cooney, Mella Yodice, Bob Dixon, Michael Moran, Glen Dooley, Jill Novara, Lee Sharmat, Wanda Sykes, Nicole Brems, Lois, Donna Pirhana, April Scarpa, Annie Scarpa, Fidel Patino, Adrian Milton, Angela, Sybil Bruncheon, Edie, Danielle Bernstein, and I’m sure many more.“A New Star is Born,” a benefit for SOCH, was held at Blueberry Hill with all the glamour of Hollywood. It was a back lot from MGM or Warner Brothers. Held at the home of Sam Green and Chris Lacovara. Everyone was adorned in white tie and tails, as well as gowns. It was Hollywood glamour to the end: The food, the atmosphere, the setting, and wait staff. It was a most elegant cast of character doppelgangers: The very best was Danielle Bernstein, as Barbra Streisand. She was perfect. Her partner Joyce Yaeger was a dead ringer for William Powell. Our President Diane Romano reminded me of Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O’Hara. Patricia Goff was very handsome in her tuxedo. It was a great party. See the revue in this issue.Mella Yodice and Lucille Flora celebrated their 25th anniversary with a party, serving a buffet lunch, cocktails and even dancing for 126 of their closest friends from CG and the mainland. Sharon and Ellen arrived from Old Bethpage, Linda arrived from Staten Island, the DJ was Dawn Michaels. It was a fun, wonderful party.We had a few weekday dinner parties at Roseland. Jan and Edrie, Toni Cesta, Jane Haber, Michael DeFalco, Lila Swell, and Carl Luss who returned to the Grove after major heart surgery. He’s doing just fine. Also Jason Versace returned to the Island from Tampa for a few weeks, where he is attending grad school and will soon be a licensed psychotherapist. He fell right into the rhythm of the Grove.Bill Loschert, a New Yorker who has lived in London for many years, spends one month in the Grove each year. He and his guest, Bernward Mertens from Leverkusen, Germany, had their annual welcome cocktail party with many of his CG friends. Evelyn Danko, Valerie Perez, Larry La La, Anthony Bruni, Michael De Lap, Michael, Jason, Jay, and I were all invited. I spoke to Michael De Lap. We reminisced about the first Miss Fire Island contest when Matti Warren won. He was her hairdresser.The Cherry Grove Honors is a dinner and celebration to recognize those in this community who have contributed their time and effort. This year the honorees are Sam Green, Chris Lacovara, Ceejay Rosen, Peg Ryan, Jack Roullo, Richard Cooley, and posthumously Maggie MacCorkle. Tickets are $125. The event is held at Heaven n Earth on Aug. 26.Photo 1Shequida Hall who has worked in Cherry Grove for the past eight years has resigned from her gig. She will be performing at other venues in NYC. Honey Davenport, Miss NY Continental and the current Miss Cherry Grove will be entertaining in her place.A repeat performance of “The Panzi Invasion” was held at the Community House on Saturday, Aug. 13. Parker Sargent was responsible for this excellent documentary. It was originally shown at the Film Festival. Two posters were auctioned off. Richard DePierro paid $300 for one, while Michael Godard and Shane Hoffman won the other one for $220.