DAVIS PARK East Enders

Gathering at the Silvermans, showcasing DPA posters of 2023.

Happy official summer! July is almost upon us, and along with that our fun and festive Fourth of July Parade held each year on America’s birthday. To keep things interesting, and shorten the route a tad, this year we’ll be kicking off on Beach Plum Walk. Our friends on Dune Walk are thrilled that now they’ll get to see the marchers, instead of the proverbial herding of cats as we get organized. Nolan Grunwald will paint the coveted wagon for winners, but so many people put such time and effort into bedazzling, festooning and costuming that we want to recognize as many as possible, so please consider donating something for a prize or prizes. Thank you! Look for fliers around town with more information. 

The parade is brought to you by the DPA and DPFD, but that it is held strictly on the actual date is a long-time community tradition upheld fiercely by parader-in-chief Joe Miccio, until he moved to Florida and passed the torch. We were thrilled to see Joe and Betsy back on the beach to let him know that custom will be upheld. It sounds as though they had a fabulous time having wonderful dinners with longtime friends Mike and Judie Jayne and Betty and Lynn; celebrating Betsy, Max and John Lund’s birthdays; Jim and Ceal’s nuptials; and toasting and feasting with Kathy Fox, Garrett, Rett, the Jaynes and Stephanie. We hear Joe even made it to the Sunday DPFD meeting! 

We caught up with him at the DPA meeting, led seamlessly, as always, by President Jayne Robinson, assisted by husband Neil on set-up and the preparing of the mimosas, a critical lure, er, component. Councilman Neil Foley, SCPD Sgt. Breuer, Harbor Store, community partners and our ferry ladies Emily and Amelia, accompanied by newest addition Charlie, offered important information to keep us safe and happy into the summer. Please be sure to join to stay on top of all the updates. We also learned how Hillaire Walk got its name – ask Chief Linda Spencer to tell you. Afterward, a nice gathering for community artists was held at the Silvermans to showcase the work of this year’s CRAB poster creators. Sadly, later that day we also said a fond farewell to Bob Demange at a lovely send-off held at the Big A; he will be missed.

On the lighter side, be sure to congratulate Maura Kehoe on becoming betrothed to Mark Flower on her birthday; and Ara Daglian Jr. on being awarded his MA in International Studies from University of Washington! Finally, a belated but heartfelt Happy Father’s Day to my favorite dads. 

Mark your calendars for some upcoming community events: On July 8, Friends of Davis Park will show “The Little Mermaid” at Family Movie Night, starting at dusk; and Davis Park’s Got Talent! is coming back on July 22. Stay tuned for details. There is so much going on … please send your tips, tidbits and tattles to DPRidgeFI@gmail.com. See you around the walks!