East Enders

Suddenly it’s summer halftime! 

But it was Christmas in July in the marina, with carols, lights and “Elf” at Friends of Davis Park Night at the Movies, with refreshments provided by CRAB. The pesky buzzing buggers left us alone so we could sing and laugh out loud. Thanks to Brian and Liz Campbell, De’bra Stoll, Tom Callahan, Steve Hasher, Jeff Downs and the Friends for doing this — don’t forget “Finding Nemo” on August 5.

We’ll be finding out who in Davis Park can sing, dance and perform on August 5 at the Davis Park’s Got Talent Show at the Church. Always fun, check with Postmistress Linda to see if there are tickets left. Then check out her amazing silks performance — she really can do it all!

Between movies and talent shows and family, we’ve seen lots of old (and not so old) friends. Alice Maison and Anna Schissel were the prettiest mermaids in the sea on the loveliest beach day, frolicking for hours as Grandma Pat and Aunt-cy looked on. Cliff, looking chipper after the birthday celebration thrown by better half Carla, was fishing for well wishes, and perhaps an actual fish or two. Heather told us to ask Jeff and Cathy about the new grandbaby and so we are! Carol and Bob Gruber were finally spotted (we’ve missed them) at the Kulman’s dinner soirée, which we hear was lovely. Old friends Ben and Julie and Jules are now in residence, and we’re looking forward to catching up with them.

Some old friends just keep getting older. Talking to you Laura Cumming, who turned the Big 6-0 surrounded by sister Crista Carmody, yours truly and brother Ara, and almost brother Pete Meizels. Nolan Grunwald was surprised by beau Justin Irvine and Katie Daglian with after dinner desserts, prepared by Patti Nicholson and Giselle Simons. Toasting the birthday boy were Paul, Danny, Charlie, Jeff, Anne and Joel, Pete, Dave Dixon, and Erin and Damon (back from Ava’s Sweet 16 cruise with 38 of their closest friends). Happy birthday also to Stephanie Sherman, our own Queen of the Seas, who spent the day at the beach relaxing. Giselle showed off a piece of the beach with her signature horseshoe crab, on display at Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea, with many beach friends at the grand opening.

We had a grand time invading Ocean Beach when Friends organized three H2O boats, bringing our merry band of rabblerousers to tear up the town. We started at Housers, where we caught up with Jimmy “Coors” and his lovely wife Kim, along with the Popdams, Carol Fox, Maura and Mark and Maureen, and ended at Albatross with Brian and Liz, Shauna and Billy and Cush, Patti, Charlie, Ali, Danny, Paul, Matt, Craig and Ginger before skipping back to the boats and our own slice of heaven, the Caz.

Don’t forget to send your tips, tidbits and tattles to DPRidgeFI@gmail.com – we’ve got a lot of summer left, but not a lot of columns! See you around the walks!