East Enders

PHOTO: DPFD BBQ Dinner – Cheers!

Greetings fellow Davis Parkers, can you believe it’s July already? Time flies when we’re having fun and we sure are having fun, with more to come! 

The people who have the most fun are those who don’t have to leave, and now more friends have joined the ranks of summertime stayers. Congratulations to Marlene Sklar for finding ways to keep her days filled with fireislandartists.com, her site dedicated to local art, and to Patti Nicholson and Dan Dolan for signing off on jobs well done – be sure to keep the beer cold and beach warm for us! Congrats are also in order for Ali and Chris Yarborough, who celebrated not only their first year of marital bliss, but look forward to welcoming a new baby Yarbs, joining big brother Chase. We love the next gen beach kid and are so happy for all, including Mommom.

Our own next gen beach kids were out in full force with a visit from Ara Jr., Katie and besties Asia and Michelle. The terrific troupe were out for a wonderful weekend that included dinner with OG FG Kass, honorary Auntie Crista, Peggy, Donna and Uncle Fil, and a perfect Pride party with Justin, Nolan, Jeff, Giselle, Patti and Charlie, and brother Ara. Visits from other next gen beach kids abounded, with Sharon and Frank Perrotta’s son Eric bringing future bride Emily out for a long weekend. Patty and Jeanna Pagnotta enjoyed some mother/daughter time together, and it was great to see Jacki and Dani and JL and Kelly Smith out and about, taking over where Bonnie and Smitty left off as mainstays on East Walk. Taylor Dixon is home from college and lifeguarding at Watch Hill. Everett and Dylan Whitehorn joined Jud and Nicole Whitehorn for a week of bliss at the Big A, and Jud and Lisa Teich Bart met for the first time (first time in 40 years?) for a game of “did you know?”, “do you remember?” Davis Park is such a special place and we love that families keep coming back year after year and generation after generation.

That tradition is particularly strong in the Davis Park Fire Department (DPFD), where generations often serve together. We love seeing Garrett and Rett Anger and Jim and Joe Anthony Vivinetti (maybe one day Anthony?) together in the firehouse, as so many of the members have family ties. It’s never too late to start the tradition with your own family. Happy birthday to hubby Fil, who is carrying on that tradition in mine!

In case you didn’t know…the DPFD and DPA run the July 4 Parade (more on that next issue; also check out fireislandnews.com), along with a lot of community support. Thanks to all who contributed and participated! Friends of Davis Park hosts fun activities, including movie night on Friday, July 8. Join either, join both, be a part of our wonderful island in the sun and fun. 

Remember to send your tips, tidbits and tattles to [email protected]. See you around the walks!