Beach Days

This blog is catered towards all the magic of the South Shore, and that’s partly because I’m not the biggest beach fan. I love being outside and soaking up the sun, but the way that sun beats down on me while I lounge at the beach drains my energy so much, preventing me from wanting to spend every free moment I have across the bay.

However, this is the Fire Island News and I’m a South Shore local, so of course I have a soft spot for the unique and beautiful island. I recently spent a long weekend over there visiting my parents, and before that I had a nice full beach day with my boyfriend’s family to celebrate a birthday. Both of those experiences filled me with a peace and simple joy that served to remind me how lucky we are to live so close to such wonderful beaches.

Sunset views on the Great South Bay

For a day trip to the beach, I recommend bringing a packed lunch, lots of water and a good book (or two). These are staples to keep your energy up under the beating sun (the book is just a personal favorite method to lose track of time on the days I have the privilege to do so).

On top of drinking a lot of water, finding shade under an umbrella or swimming in the ocean are great ways to beat the heat. Sharks or not, the ocean kind of intimidates me so I typically opt for the umbrella, but sometimes just putting your feet in the water is enough to cool your body.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be visiting my parents, meaning I had a house to escape to when the heat was too much. Going back to the house for lunch and a card game is one of my favorite ways to spend a summer afternoon. There’s a beautiful view of the Great South Bay from the porch so I will often sit out there after lunch to replicate that beach reading feeling without getting too hot. Then I’ll return to the beach right before dinner when it’s a bit cooler.

Beach walks are another great way to pass time. I found my first sand dollar on this trip! Even though my boyfriend found seven, I was still proud of my discovery. Then there is all the fun to be had on the bay, like paddle boarding and kayaking. I love to paddle until you reach a new area, then I hop ashore and explore some more.

But I want to tell you about my favorite beach days, and it’s going to sound a bit unorthodox. I woke up on the last day at the beach house to the sound of rain hitting the roof and I couldn’t help but smile. A cozy morning or day in the house while it rains outside is the best. A delicious and slowly enjoyed breakfast, endless pages read and card games galore. Sitting in my pajamas until the early afternoon. A sweatshirt being needed for the first time in so long. These days are my favorite and often fill me with an excitement for the start of fall, my favorite season.

It is strange though. A beach vacation is already an excuse to do nothing but relax all day long. But somehow the rain emphasizes the “nothingness” planned for the day.

Whatever you choose to do is exactly what you should be doing, and that’s a special feeling.

Even though I totaled less than 10 beach days this summer, they were all very successful outings! If you aren’t a ‘beach bum’ and don’t spend your whole summer or weeks at a time soaking up the sun, I would still suggest at least one trip across the bay. You can even take my advice and go on a day when the weather isn’t typical beach weather. Those days can be less crowded as well as cooler, and you can walk around your town of choice and explore.

Blue Point Beach, FI: My peaceful summer getaway

Due to my location, I often visit Davis Park, or some little beach near there. But, just as these blog posts take me across the South Shore (as I encourage you all to do) it’s fun to visit new places on Fire Island as well. I have some great memories over the years from weekends at Kismet, and during my last visit there I biked over to Saltaire and I was in awe. It was so pretty and looked different than any Fire Island town I had seen before. I felt like I was in one of those beach towns that served as the setting for my summer reads as a teenager. It was fun to ride around and imagine what life is like for the regulars there.

I think that what makes Fire Island so unique is that there are so many different towns that have varied landscapes and vibes. There is so much to see and experience. So go somewhere new before summer ends! Take a break from your South Shore life for a day or a weekend and go soak up the sun across the bay. Ferries leave out of Patchogue, Sayville and Bay Shore.