2020 Vision

HELLO AND WELCOME TO our debut issue of Fire Island News this summer, reimagined so to be more sustainable for these unusual times we are presently living in. It is a leaner paper without some of the bells and whistles of our previous seasons, but great care has been given to still deliver a news publication of substance.The color pages are gone for now, but our talented design director went above and beyond to keep it visually interesting. Also put aside is the “round-up” article that other Fire Island newspapers open their season with. Now that we publish online year round, to recap such events felt less necessary. However this paper is not just about prudent reductions. We also get to boast some reclaimed territory with the return of the much beloved Police Blotter! A special thanks to Ocean Beach Police Chief George Hesse and Suffolk County Police Department’s Public Information Office for making this possible.Every contributor to this paper is to be commended for the sacrifices they made to make this publishing season happen – including our advertisers who returned for another summer or joined us for the first time under conditions when businesses think hard about every dollar they spend. They are the reason we can still offer our newspapers at no charge to the public; please remember them when making purchasing decisions of your own.We also thank you, our readers, for your continued interest and loyalty during these turbulent past few months in our state and nation, for without a listening audience our words would go adrift in a vast and lonely ocean.