FIPPAP 2023 19th Biennial Art Show

The 19th Biennial Art Show in the Pines was held Aug. 5, at Whyte Hall and it was a perfect draw with a huge audience, plus 42 artists exhibiting their original artwork. It was both a social and financial success. Congratulations to Chairmen Andre Almeda and David Kneuss. 

Whyte Hall was transformed into an art gallery for the day – its interior as well as the outdoor deck. Among the buzz, waiters served delicious food, as well as a buffet table and a bar that was open to all.    

Genevieve Leahy, longest-standing exhibitor in the Pines Biennial.

Thirty-eight years ago, the Pines Art show began on a private house deck, which was founded and organized by the late Sylvan Cole. Genevieve Leahy holds the record for being one of the original exhibiting artists at that first show and she was there and is still going strong. Other senior members who are long time contributors include Mark Beard, Richard Des Jardins, and Dan Evans.   

Alan Dodd, Recipient of the 2023 Barbara Sahlman Artist of the Year Award.

In keeping with the 70th Anniversary of the Fire Island Pines Property Association (FIPPOA), there was also a special slideshow presentation highlighting distinguished artists who have participated in the Biennial over the years, including blue chip artists like Paul Cadmus and David Hockney as well as John Laub, Barbara Sahlman, Kenny Ruzicka, Glen Wielgus, Scott Bromley, Ferron Bell, Paul McGregor, Kate Rudin, Tom Bianchi, Horace Gifford and Henrique DeSaniza among others.

This year, the Barbara Sahlman Artist of the Year award was given to Alan Dodd.   

In addition to the artists, there are so many people who need to be thanked for making the Biennial possible. Construction workers, bartenders, waiters, lighting technicians, cashiers and clean-up crew all worked tirelessly to make this event so exceptional. Kudos to all!