Minuteman Scholarship Recipients Honored

Photo courtesy Town of Islip.

Islip Town Board members and Supervisor Angie Carpenter honored five local students who received the U.S. Army’s Minuteman Scholarship. The Minuteman Scholarship Program is a Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship introduced in 2015 to enhance the Army Reserve’s ability to recruit highly qualified cadets.

 The five Islip resident high school seniors who received the scholarships this year for their academic success and service to the ROTC include Valery Rodriguez, Jocelyn Velasquez, Diana Saltos from Brentwood and twins Christopher and Courtney Skahill from West Islip. 

“Valery, Jocelyn, Diana, Christopher and Courtney proved themselves to be fantastic candidates for the Minuteman Scholarship. Their participation in the ROTC program at their high schools exemplifies their dedication for our nation and scholarly excellence… we look forward to the bright future ahead of each of you,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter.

“This is the highest amount ever given in a single year to one Township,” said Steve Castleton, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, whose team selects the scholarship recipients.

The scholarship provides full tuition and fees or room and board ($10,000 per year), for up to four years at a public or private college. Scholarship recipients also receive a monthly stipend and a yearly book allowance.