Letters to the Editor, July 30, 2021: Storm Drain & Thunderstorms

STOP THE PRESSES – The Town of Ocean Beach is saying that they are going to take out one tennis court for a storm drain – NO, NO, NO. This town has changed so much in recent years in terms of many things – let’s concentrate on recreation and sports – two of the things that kept the kids busy were the Recreation Room where they could play ping pong, Foosball, air hockey, etc. – the other was the basketball court – both are gone.Now if you go to town you see 500 teenagers milling about, mostly hanging out at the gazebo, just aching to get into trouble. IF you take away another tennis court, this will be another recreational activity gone. There is enough competition for the two courts, with no courts in Ocean Bay Park, now it will be very difficult to get court time, especially since the pandemic when more and more people have taken up tennis.
If you want to have a population of overweight, drunken patrons in our town this is the perfect solution. If you want the people that live here to be active and healthy DO NOT DO THIS. I have consulted with several engineers and they tell me that there is no reason you cannot put a storm drain either under the court or in a different location.Rick Kushner, Corneille Estates

JOURNAL ENTRY: JULY 18, 2021 With nothing but sky and sand and sea around, the summer thunderstorms are a sight to behold. Flashes of white, with the occasional electric-yellow jagged streaks of lightning piercing the black sky with the intensity that only Mother Nature could produce. The wind-swept rain drives all who are outside to drier safety. And, what of the thunder? Those booming and rumbling warnings that assault yet another of the five senses, crash with a crescendo that punctuates the storm’s climax. Summer is not all about leisure, liquor and lust. And so it is that the Smiths and the Smythes and the Smithsonian board members gather on this Island of Fire to be free of the city’s demands and demons. To gather in the relaxed opulence of the weathered shingle houses of Point O’ Woods, or the shipping container chic of Seaview’s newer homes. Inside you will see the Nantucket red shorts and bare feet and a chilled white wine at the ready. Most ease into the relaxation of the island, while others try too hard to exhibit it. And, if it be stormy or sunny or just Dark and Stormy on the rocks, life takes a slower pace here. As it should.
So, with the first half of the summer complete, and the second half just begun, we prepare our livers for the never-ending variations on the Margarita and our bodies for the relentless humidity that is as damp and unpleasant as a dishwasher’s armpit. For those who have departed, they have fond memories and a depleted bank account to remind them of their joyous times. And for those who remain  – leisure, liquor and lust.Best regards, Jeff Carlisle
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