New FINS Superintendent Named

By Laura SchmidtThe National Park Service Northeast Regional Director Gay Vietzke has named Alexcy “Alex” Romero superintendent of Fire Island National Seashore. He succeeds Chris Soller, who retired earlier this year.“As a native New Yorker, I am honored to have been selected for this assignment,” Romero said. “I have spent many days enjoying the Great South Bay by boat, strolling the beaches of Fire Island, and have experienced some breathtaking sunsets that only Fire Island National Seashore has to offer.”With a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the State University of New York at Old Westbury, Romero’s career has spanned nearly three decades. He has worked as superintendent at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia and in multiple roles at Gateway National Recreation Area in New York City.He currently serves as superintendent of George Washington Memorial Parkway in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. There he has led partner-collaborative ventures, multi-million dollar projects and planning efforts including rehabilitation of historic areas, memorials and natural areas.“Alex Romero has the breadth of leadership needed for an important national seashore like Fire Island,” Vietzke said. “He has years of experience working with stakeholders and partners in a complex, dynamic park. Alex knows how to connect people to parks from historic communities and to inspire new audiences to find their park.”However, a Northern Virginia publication called Inside NOVA reports that Romero was “embroiled this year in a controversy” that took place in McLean – a Virginia Hamlet where many high-ranking Washington D.C. officials reside – after contract negotiations with Friends of Claude Moore Colonial Farm broke down this past spring, and the Park Service decided that as of Dec. 21, 2018, it will end its long-term relationship with the group.When Romero isn’t working, he enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and working with pottery and stained glass. He and his partner are planning to move to New York in late September, before he is scheduled to take his new post on Oct. 14, 2018.“I look forward to working with all the communities, partners and talented staff managing this beautiful resource that many people have come to treasure,” Romero said.