Halloween Highlights: The Woodhull School Parade

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Photos courtesy of the Fire Island School District

Halloween festivities provide enduring memories for young students. At Fire Island School District, Woodhull Elementary School celebrated Halloween with an enchanting parade that brought smiles and laughter to the hearts of students and Ocean Beach residents alike. The students and staff paraded from the school building on Surf Road and headed due east to the Ocean Beach downtown district, creating a delightful spectacle of costumes, music and festivity, culminating in a heartwarming gathering at the Village Hall.

This parade is a long-standing tradition at Woodhull. Students, teachers celebrate the day adorned in a colorful array of costumes, embodying classic monsters, superheroes and inventive, homemade creations. Music teacher Mr. Vitale provided a mobil soundtrack for the parade, infusing the event with an extra dose of Halloween spirit. At the Ocean Beach Village Hall, where students were met with a warm and festive welcome. Each student was treated to a special surprise or a goody bag filled with Halloween treats.

The event brought together residents of all ages, fostering a strong sense of community and Halloween cheer. Fire Island School is proud to continue this tradition, which not only brings joy to the students but also celebrates the spirit of Halloween on Fire Island.